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What determines the value of a cryptocurrency

What determines the value of a cryptocurrency?
Cryptocurrencies are a new asset that works on the web; it circulates around the world and has
different uses. Cryptocurrencies usually have a rather unstable price, but this is due to a series of
characteristics that are responsible for determining the value of said asset. Among the things that
determine the value of a cryptocurrency are the following:
1- Trust, an essential factor for those new Cryptocurrencies
One of the qualities that stood out in Bitcoin and for this reason it became the cryptocurrency with
the highest price in the market, was the trust it generated in the public. Any cryptocurrency that
wants to succeed today must generate confidence in potential investors; this is achieved through the
support that can be obtained from large and trusted entities.
Getting the support of large entities to improve the popularity of a digital currency and make easy to
buy bitcoin in india. It is something that many platforms that own their own cryptocurrency have
done, such as Ripple, IOTA, among others.
2- Supply and demand, one of the most influential factors
The operations of buying and selling in the cryptocurrency market are one of the factors that greatly
influences. In other words, if people buy Cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin Rate in India tends to rise, while
when people sell, the value of cryptocurrency goes down.
Similarly, cryptocurrency hoarders also influence the price of cryptocurrency, since they use the
market to obtain Cryptocurrencies. But they do not market them; they accumulate them to create a
speculative market around these virtual currencies.
It is worth mentioning that this is one of the factors that most influences the Cryptocurrency to INR
3- Utility, a factor that will be much more influential in the future
Cryptocurrencies are classified, and currently have various utilities despite the fact that they all
share the particularity of being able to carry out transactions anywhere in the world. Just as the
main quality of Bitcoin is to be able to carry out transactions globally quickly and easily. Other wellknown cryptocurrencies such as: Ethereum, IOTA, TRON, Bitcoin Cash or other assets, have certain
utilities such as making smart contracts, synchronizing household appliances.
The utility that can be given to Cryptocurrencies influences the BTC to INR price that said
cryptocurrency has. Since, the more utility it can be given, the more people will want to acquire said
cryptocurrency and therefore, the demand will increase. Which as mentioned above, directly affects
the price of a digital currency?
At this point, it is of utmost importance to mention that many entities around the world are
developing new technologies, to increase the usefulness of Cryptocurrencies. Therefore, despite the
fact that currently the utility that can be given to Cryptocurrencies, It is somewhat limited in
comparison to the use that can be given to fiat money. This does not mean that it will always be like
this, since everything points, that the use of Cryptocurrencies will increase in the future and
therefore, the price of these will go in increase.