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What is packaging and how to choose packaging machines

What is packaging and how to choose
packaging machines?
With food packaging refers to operations that protect food products from the external environment
thanks to packaging. The procedure is used to contain, store, sell and transport food.
In the large-scale retail trade, having the opportunity to create flexible food packaging means being able
to offer its customers a fresh product already weighed, packaged according to current regulations and
labeled by communicating all useful information.
1. Integrated functions
When we talk about Butter Production Lines, we refer to that process typically carried out in the back of
the shop through which the products are prepared for sale. The procedure includes weighing, packaging
and labeling.
What do large retailers need?
First of all, it is good to underline that the most used and widespread systems to date in Italy do not
provide for a real integration between the scale, wrapping and labeling functions, even when faced with
a solution that wants to be complete for packaging. food.
2. Dimensions of automatic packaging machines
For a large-scale retail outlet of Butter Silos, the organization of spaces represents a significant
challenge, because the shop must be as wide as possible to guarantee a customer experience that
always lives up to expectations, but at the same time it is in the back that they take place several basic
operations. Regardless of the size available, therefore, the choice of packaging machines must also take
into account their size.
3. Flexibility in the use of trays and packaging systems
Food packaging machines should not limit the type of products that can be offered to their customers.
Whether it's meat, fish, cold cuts, fruit or vegetables in bulk, even cut or ready-to-eat dishes, such as
sushi for example, the possibility of using Butter Packing Machines is a strategic advantage.
Particular attention, therefore, must be paid to the different types of trays (for size, shape, rigidity) that
can be packaged within the same instrument.
4. Types of films
Among the needs of large retailers brands, attention to waste and respect for the environment is an
increasingly recurring theme, both to comply with the regulations governing the use of materials
containing plastics and microplastics, and to meet sensitivity growing audience on these topics.
PVC-free films in large retailers are making their way after the introduction by Unicoop, which was the
first in Italy to declare the choice to eliminate PVC and phthalates from food films. Historically, PVC was
considered the only viable solution, due to its capabilities in terms of flexibility and durability at the
same time. Furthermore, automatic packaging machines appeared to be incompatible with PVC-free
5. Labeling phase
The labeling operation is by no means secondary both as regards the aspects of sustainability and the
reduction of CO2 emissions, and for the aspect more related to the communication between brand and
Linerless technology is characterized by the presence of a self-adhesive roll that does not require any
support. Butter Making Machines translates into a much smaller volume occupied by the rolls inside the
warehouse, in the absence of waste material and, as a direct consequence, of one less component
which can cause the machine to jam.