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Top 5 Muslim Inventions that Changed the World

Top 5 Muslim
Inventions that
Changed the World!
Master 1 Info RSD 2019-2020
• Here is a list of everyday inventions
we use and had NO idea that they
were actually invented or
contributed to by Muslims. The
books we are taught have never
told us the truth about how the
things we use everyday came to be.
I bet many of you didn't know that
more than half of them were
invented by Muslims. The top 5
Muslim inventions are stated as
• Shampoo
This was introduced to England by a
Muslim in 1759. This can also be
attributed to Sheikh Deen
Mohammad (of Indian origin), who
was also responsible for introducing
the concept in Europe.
• Toothbrush
The Prophet Mohammed popularized
the use of the first toothbrush in
around 600. Using a twig from the
Meswak tree, he cleaned his teeth
and freshened his breath.
Substances similar to Meswak are
used in modern toothpaste.
• Around the year 1000 Ibn alHaitham proved that humans see
objects by light reflecting off of them
and entering the eye. This great
Muslim physicist also discovered
the camera obscura phenomenon,
which explains how the eye sees
images upright due to the
connection between the optic nerve
and the brain.
• The first such medical center was the
Ahmad ibn Tulun Hospital, founded in
872 in Cairo. Tulun hospital provided
free care for anyone who needed it, a
policy based on the Muslim tradition of
caring for all who are sick. From Cairo,
such hospitals spread around the
Muslim world.
• The first ever degree granting
University, al- Qarawiyyin, was
founded in 859, by a princess
named Fatima al- Firhi in Fez,
Morocco. It is still operating 1,200
years later.
• It was developed by the great
scientist and mathematician “
Muhammad Al-khawarizmi” who
lived from the year 780 to 850. In
his book “Al-Jabr” he set forth basic
principles algebraic equations. A
unique aspect of his reasoning for
developing algebra is the desire to
make calculations mandated by
Islamic law easier to complete in a
world without calculators and
Thank you
For your Attention