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hey guys welcome back to my channel it's been a while how are you I'm good I know I've
been gone for a minute well I haven't even been gone that long but I've been gone because
I've just been busy I'm a college student and I've just been busy doing college things like ​nyu
supplement essay​​and essays it's been a lot and I was in the hospital too but that's for another
video in this video I'm going to be talking about how I got into my dream school which is NYU
I'm going to talk about the application process for NYU and things I've mentioned in this
video can honestly be applied to almost any school in the country I would imagine not just in
the country just any university I would imagine so that's what I'm gonna talk about in this
video so let's get into it [Music] ok so I have my main point in this journal the things I'm going
to touch on because it's just kind of a lot and I'm gonna have trouble remembering
everything that I wanted to talk about in this video but it's all on the journalists that we're
good so the first thing I want to talk about is how did I decide that I wanted to go to NYU how
did it become my dream school well I wasn't quite sure where I wanted to go to college
freshman year of high school and my sophomore year I knew that I wanted to study drama
or communications I wasn't sure yet I was kind of wanting to double major with both of them
but then I saw that NYU was coming to visit my school so I went to the information session
and I was convinced like this is the school I need to go to because they had this amazing
drama program it was a campus in New York City and there was a lot of flexibility for study I
found that if I wanted to take a class in something or study something I wanted the option to
do it and why you provided that flexibility and it also had study abroad options I just really
was like hooked on the whole thing so I signed up for like information about NYU to be sent
to my email and I just really kept my eye on like campus tours and information sessions that I
could do so I toured the NYU campus my spring break of a junior year and I was even more
convinced that I wanted to go not only did I tour the NYU campus but I also toured the
Columbia University campus which is uptown what I realized which when both of them was
that and why you just seemed to fit me more so I made up my mind that I wanted to go to
NYU so I sat down and I realized that okay if I want to go here and if I know that if I get in
that I'm going to go I might as well just let them know how interested I am in going so I
applied early decision and what early decision means is that you apply to a school on a early
deadline and then you get your decision back early but the early decision also means that if
you get in that means that you agreed to actually going that you're not just going to ditch the
school for somewhere else so I applied early decision because I knew that if I got into NYU
that's where I was going to put my energy into going I applied in October and I'm in the Tisch
drama program so I had my artistic review audition in November and I found out I got in in
December so I was just really excited and I found out in a fast-food restaurant bathroom
because I was with some of my classmates and I got the email notification and I didn't want
them to see me crying if I didn't get in so I said excuse me I'll be right back and then I I went
on my phone and I saw the notification and then I screamed in the bathroom and I called my
mom and it was a happy celebratory festive moment that's pretty much the story about how I
got in I'm going to talk about specifically the audition and how I chose my monologue and
just information about Tish drama and a completely separate video that is coming soon but
for the purposes of this video I just wanted to talk about NYU in general and what my
application was like and hopefully I can provide some insight for future current applicants
okay so for background for me as a student I was an IB to plume a program um I was an IB
Diploma candidate so I listed that on my application at the time of the application I believe
my GPA was weighted at a four point six seven eight and but the unweighted GPA was a
three point eight and then I listed Awards in terms of clubs and organizations I was in the
National Honor Society student government I was very involved with theatre and I was
involved with our morning news show and our broadcast journalism program I was a part of
Quillin scroll which is the International Journalism on society and I led a community service
organization at my school that focused and raising non-perishable food items and what I
think a lot of people say about the college application process when listing clubs and stuff is
that college admissions officers are more impressed by people who have a handful of clubs
that they are really dedicated to and that they have shown growth within rather than I rather
than someone who just did five hundred clubs and it was just that because when you do so
many clubs it's like okay but can you grow within them or are you just attending a meeting
once a and then calling it an egg like they're interested in participation they're interested in
leadership they're sitting in growth in terms of standardized test scores if you are applying to
Tish drama you or any to school of the arts program I think actually you don't need to submit
your standardized test scores which is really a huge stress relief if you are stressed about
standardized tests I did submit my scores to the school anyway just because I want to like
an extra boost but I'm not sure if they gave an extra boost or if it was just sitting there I don't
know but it's not required if you're applying to Tish the NYU application is processed through
the common app the common app is a online website thing with um many colleges
participating in it so basically you create an account and then you line up all of the colleges
that you are applying to and you just fill out one general application with your information and
one general personal statement essay that is then sent to all of the colleges and then the
colleges individually when you click on their tabs they have their own individual questions
and essays so for NYU the essay that they had was the Y in Y USA and I think most
colleges have the SI where it's just like why do you want to go to this school so for the Y NY
USA I was sure to really research the school for this specific I said you wanted to as much
background research on the school as possible because you don't want to have the school
thinking that you're just copying and pasting an essay for another school and just sending it
to them I really wanted to go to NYU so I knew my information my back rimmel in my
background about why I wanted to go I talked about how I liked that the campus is in and of
the city I talked about how I like the flexibility of study pretty sure I mentioned house and
studying abroad I said that I wanted the best training possible for being an actor which is
why I wanted to be in tuition drama I just listed all of those things but it's also an important in
this essay to steadily sneak in why you are a good fit for the school because they want
people who are going to be active within the community people who are going to represent
the school well so you need to just make sure that you are not only emphasizing why do I
want to go to NYU or whatever school you're interested in but why NYU needs to mean as
well so that's just one of the essays but the general personal statement essay seems to be
the most important essay for people it seems to be the most time-consuming one it was
definitely the most tempting to me one for me the common app is really good about giving
you prompts to work with and I think if you choose one of the problems is just gonna be
easier for you to know what you're gonna write about the prompt that I chose for my essay it
was something about tell us about a time where you overcame obstacles and you became a
better person because of it where something along those lines and I basically talked about
experiences I had in middle school that were not necessarily the best and how I became a
better person because of that in high school and how I restored confidence within myself it
was something along those lines but it was a really personal essay it told a narrative it was
really an extension of my inner voice and I think that's really important for this essay they're
looking for students to show their personality to show their humanity at the end of the day
the GPA the SAT scores all of that stuff when lined up against another student if you all have
the same exact things or similar scores and numbers you're still going to have to eliminate
one and choose one and the way that they can go about doing that is by looking at the
personality of the student looking at what the student is writing about in their personal
statement essay looking at how the student relates to the world how introspected the student
is these are things that colleges are looking at okay so now I want to talk about managing
stress and getting yourself organized this process is for a lot of people can be very stressful
speaking personally because I was on a different timeline than my peers because I was
applying early decision a lot of my stress regarding college was out of the way by January or
December when I found out because when I found out I got in I was done and I said I'm
going then I was just focusing on the next steps to ensuring that my transition over to college
was smooth but for other people I've noticed that stress really starts to come around hope at
the last minute what worked for me was organizing all of my things in a spreadsheet and in
this spreadsheet I had all of my school's listed all the schools that I was applying to and I
listed down the schools I'm looking in my journal because dabit avid all bulleted down ok in
this spreadsheet I had the schools I was applying to at the method of application meaning is
this a common app school that I can a book that I can apply to through the common app if
this school on the coalition application which is other thing or do I have to actually go on the
school's website and apply through there which is the thing for a lot of schools it's not all
schools are on the common app I also wrote down the deadlines for the schools when the
application was due but when I wrote down the deadline to actually didn't put in the
application due date actually put in about a week or two before because I wanted some time
to like correct myself or just give myself leeway in this spreadsheet I also listed like
requirements for the application like the personal statement the why I want to go to this
school essay for me I also listed L like information about the artistic review with my
monologues and I just checked marked everything when I was done with it and when you
are done with everything on this spreadsheet you just mark it off as done and then you can
move on to the next last but not least at the end of the application season and you're starting
to find out about schools or if you find out like I did early decision um just be kind to yourself
if things don't work out the way that you wanted them to work out with a specific school it can
be a sad moment but I think it's also important to remember that what is for you will be for
you and if you get that rejection letter just throw it in the trash and pretend you never applied
and keep it pushing and just keep living your life and when you do find the school that you
want to go to make sure that you are doing everything in your power to take advantage of
everything that that school offers so that concludes this video I hope those of you are
applying to college right now and people who are applying to NYU right now have found it
helpful like I said I will be doing a separate video specifically talking about my audition
process for TIFF drama and just other information about Tisch drama and that's going to be
coming very shortly if you like this video be sure to like give it a thumbs up comment
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