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Herbal Medicines for Cancer
Herbal Medicines are the medicines that are made from the plants using the combinations of
plant parts such as leaves, roots, stem, etc. as every part of the plant has different medicinal
properties. The aim of herbal medicines is to help the body in the restoration process so that
the body can regulate, protect and heal on its own. There are different types of herbal
medicines such as Western, Chinese, Tibetan and Ayurvedic medicines.
The medicinal herbs are well-recognized for the treatment medicines for cancer. The
effectiveness of medicinal herbs has been proved by several clinical studies done on cancer
patients in regard to their survival and quality of life. A range of studies have proved the
anticancer properties of several herbs.
Furthermore, herbal formulations like Cancertame are
used in combination with chemotherapy and
radiotherapy for helping in improving the efficiency of
the therapies, reducing the side-effects and other
complications. The herbal medicines are used for
treating the cancer and reducing the toxicity caused due
to the chemo or radiotherapy. The clinical studies have
shown that the herbal medicines help in the suppression
of tumour, increases the sensitivity of the chemo and
radiotherapies, improving the immune system mechanisms and reducing the side effects of the
cancer therapies. According to the studies herbal medicines have reported the reduction in side
effects caused in and after chemo and radio therapy including nausea, vomiting, loss of
appetite, loss of hair/taste/ smell, cardio toxicity, bone marrow suppression and other serious
According to the recent studies there has been a stronger link
between the immune activities around the tumour cells and the
tumour growth progression. Thus, the strong immune system
keeps a check on the growth of the tumour, therefore
facilitating the anti-cancer effect. So, the herbal medicines such
as Cancertame are extremely beneficial for the boosting the
immunity and helping to regress cancer.
Though there are some challenges for the use of herbal
medicines as there is lack of guidelines, information for the
routine and dosages. But we have got this covered as
Cancertame Private Limited has given the dosages guidelines for the herbal formulation which
includes taking 2 capsules daily for prevention of cancer in high risk individuals and Stage 1
Cancer patients; 3 capsules a day for Stage 2 cancer patients and post-surgery patients; 4
capsules a day for stage 3 and recurrent cancer patients and upto 6 capsules a day for stage 4
and terminal stage cancer patients. For detailed dosage you can visit the recommended dosage
section of their website at