Non invasive Fat Removal Procedures for the Stomach

Non invasive Fat Removal Procedures for the Stomach
When you have tried to go for reduce belly fat through exercise and diet without any luck, then
you need to look for another alternative. You do not have to go for surgery to remove belly fat
there are many non invasive stomach fat removal procedures that you can try. You can change
your lifestyle by using non surgical procedures. If you are looking for ways to remove belly fat,
here are some ways that you choose from.
Coolsculpting treatment is suitable for getting rid of the stubborn belly fat. It is non invasive fat
removal treatment that is FDA approved that freeze fat using cold temperatures. The fat
eventually dies and is eliminated through the liver. The body gets rid of the dead fat cells to give
the body you have always dream of.
Cooslculpting makes it number one in the list since it is a popular choice in eliminating excess
fat. There is no anesthesia, no needles and no surgery. You also do not have to do any
preparation to undergo the procedure. You may need repeat sessions depending on the fat
accumulation in the treatment area. There are minor side effects which are redness, swelling and
bruising from the coldness of the applicator being used. These side effects go away after a few
Laser liposuction
The laser liposuction used lasers and light therapy to heat the layer of fat. It uses very high
temperatures. The fat cells that have been melted are absorbed into the lymphatic system. The
result is a tummy tuck without undergoing surgery. Laser liposuction eliminates dimpled skin
and improves elasticity.
Zerona is a non invasive fat removal procedure that uses laser technology to get rid of fats. It
uses laser to emulsify the fat tissue and dissolve them. You will go through six procedures that
last 20 minutes each. To get the best results, you need to follow a strict diet before and after the
procedure. The procedure costs about $1200 to $1700.
Thermitight is one of the non invasive fat reduction treatments used in removing belly fat. The
procedure uses heat in melting the fat. It heat the sub-dermal layer with different wave length. It
provokes the collagen which helps in smoothing out the skin. You will have to go with bandages
that help with the swellings. You can go ahead with your daily activities without any problem.
The procedure uses infrared cameras that help in regulating the amount of heat that go into the
skin. The cost for the procedure is about $1500 to $4000.
Sculpsure is FDA approved to eliminate stubborn fat on the flanks, belly fat, outer thighs and
inner thighs. It removes fat through hyperthermia fat reduction. It takes about 25 minutes. You
will see results from the procedure within six to twelve weeks. You can go back to your daily
routine like daily chores, work and even exercises.
You can get your belly fat gone within a month by choosing any of the above non invasive fat
reduction procedures. You can talk to your doctor to know about the suitable procedure for your
belly fat.
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