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Ayurvedic Medicines for Cancer
Ayurveda is an Indian word made up of two words ‘Ayur’ that means life and ‘Veda’ that means
knowledge. Ayurvedic medicines for cancer have a rich history of around 5,000 years. The
Indian ancient system of medicine, Ayurveda, is full of treatments and techniques that are
helping with the treatment of cancer. The indigenous system of medicines has been well known
for preventing and suppressing the tumours.
Cancer has been declared as the most deadly killer in the world by World Health Organisation
and is spreading widely in the 21st century. The fact cannot be denied that cancer is related to
the modernized and stressful life. The modern cancer therapy such as chemotherapy &
radiotherapy has many unwanted side effects. Whereas, the main goal of ayurvedic medicine is
to find the cause of illness and to implement the therapeutic approach for the treatment that
includes healthy body maintenance, normal functioning and spiritual approach for a stress free
As ayurvedic medicine is made of herbs which help in
reducing the growth of cancer along with reducing the
disease complications and side effects. Many herbs have
been found to have anti-cancer properties that are been
investigated scientifically which include herbs like
Andrographis paniculata, Annona atemoya, Phyllanthus
niruri, Piper longum, Podophyllum hexandrum, Tinospora
cordifolia, Semecarpus anacardium, Vitis vinifera,
Baliospermum montanum, Madhuca indica, Pandanus
odoratissimus, Pterospermum acerifolium, Raphanus sativus, Barleria prionitis, Prosopis
cineraria, Amorphophallus campanulatus, Oroxylum indicum, Basella rubra, Flacourtia
ramontchi, Moringa oleifera, Ficus benghalensis, Curcuma longa, Allium sativum, Calotropis
gigantea, Datura metel, Hygrophila spinosa, Juniperus indica, Moringa oleifera, Nigella sativa,
Picrorhiza kurroa, Rubia cordifolia, etc.
Cancertame Ayurvedic Formulation is an Ayurvedic medicine that has been prepared to treat
cancer and to help reduce the side effects of chemotherapy & radiotherapy by taming the
aggressive cancer cells as follows:
Repairing the damaged DNA
Inhibiting mutations in genes and pathways
Blocking cancer promoting enzymes and hormones
Reviving the Apoptosis process
● Inhibiting Tumour Angiogenesis
● Enhancing the immune system
● Promoting the cytokines production
Cancertame is especially helpful for those patients whose bodies are either not fit for
chemotherapy and radiotherapy or have become resistant to these therapies. Cancertame is
completely safe to use with or without chemotherapy, target chemotherapy, immunotherapy
or any other treatment. Cancertame is ISO and GMP certified. Furthermore it is made up of fully
vegetarian ingredients & is Made in India. The formulation of Cancertame is approved by
Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India.