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Date- 14 November, 2019
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Causes Of Leg Heaviness
Leg Heaviness
Treatment For Leg Heaviness
Vein Disease In Legs
Title: Leg Heaviness: Causes And Treatments
Leg heaviness is commonly called legs that feel weighted, stiff, as well as tired as if the legs are hard
to raise and progress. It may virtually feel as if you're dragging around a 5-pound bag of flour.
A range of problems can create this sensation. The initial step to alleviation is identifying the
underlying reason.
Leg thickness and fatigue can be due to a number of reasons consisting of venous deficiency. Leg
heaviness brought on by venous deficiency is frequently accompanied by a dull aching feeling as well
as is worse at the end of the day, with the prolonged sitting or standing, and also in a cozy climate.
These symptoms may be refined and might build up progressively over time, numerous individuals
blunder them for part of the typical aging procedure. Take into consideration a see with a boardcertified blood vessel specialist and also an evaluation for venous deficiency.
Causes of Leg Heaviness
The major cause is vein disease in legs as well as feet that come to be enlarged and take on a rough,
knotted look. Varicose veins frequently show up:
As we age
While pregnant
Throughout other hormone events, such as menopause
In those that are obese
In those who have a family history of the problem
In those that have a line of work that requires a great deal of standing and also sitting, which
affects the flow
The veins end up being bigger when they begin to shed elasticity and also valves become weakened,
enabling blood that ought to be recirculating through the body to pool in the legs. This pooled blood
can make legs feel heavy and worn out.
Treatment For Leg Heaviness
The major goal is to quit swelling and also prevent leg abscess. Your medical professional may
recommend a mix of treatments based upon your age, signs, and also other points. Some
alternatives to help handle CVI include:
Way of living Adjustments
You can assist blood flow better in your leg veins. Steps include:
Compression stockings: These flexible socks taxed your legs to aid blood relocation. They come in
various rigidities, sizes, and designs. Your medical professional can recommend which may function
best for you.
Exercise: Exercising your body helps pump your blood, as well. Strolling is a great, simple method to
make your legs more powerful and increase blood circulation.
Your medical professional may prescribe an antibiotic to treat infections or leg ulcers. In some cases,
they'll offer you medicine to help prevent the embolism.
Medical Treatments
If your CVI is further along, you might require a nonsurgical treatment.
Sclerotherapy: Your doctor will inject an option right into the trouble vein. It scars the vein, forcing
blood to stream with healthier veins. With time, your body takes in the scarred vein.
Endovenous thermal ablation: This newer technique utilizes high-frequency radio waves or a laser
to heat and also shut the problem vein.
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