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Today I’m going to talk about young people’s rights
Who are this young people? Anyone under 18
You have the right to protection against discrimination
Anyone making decisions that affect young people should make young people’s
interests a high priority
Children and young people have a right to survive and develop and the
Government should give a much help as is needed
You have the right to have a name and a nationality – to an identity
If you and your parents are living in different countries, you have the right to
get back together and live in the same place
You should not be kidnapped
You should have a say in decisions that affect you
You should be able to express yourself freely, while respecting other people’s
You have the freedom of thought, conscience, and religion, while respecting
other people’s rights
¿Se cumplen estos derechos? - Are these rights actually fulfilled?
¿Son compatibles entre ellos? - Are they compatible with each other?
Inmigración, menores transexuales… - Immigrants, transgendered minors…
Reforma necesaria, más específica – órgano regulador - More specific reform is needed
and where young people are truly the priority. Example: specific regulatory agencies
In conclusion, it is very important to respect the rights of young people, but it is also
important that obligations are fulfilled.
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