Telechargé par El haddar Yasser


This report presents the summary of the end-of-studies internship carried out in the
ENGIE Company, for obtaining a diploma of State Engineer in Electrical Engineering
from the Hassania School of Public Works.
The purpose of this project was to study possible solutions for the remote
management of a public lighting network in the city of Kenitra. Indeed, the project
aims to reduce the energy consumption of the city on one side and the maintenance
and maintenance expenses, this improvement affects the totality of powers installed
in the city which consists of approximately 35 000 lanterns and 600 electrical
Firstly, we began by analyzing the technologies offered by the Internet of Things
market and their correspondence to the technical and budgetary requirements
imposed in the project. This allowed us to design a comparison scheme and to
determine the technically optimal solution.
Subsequently we have defined the regulatory and technical constraints that surround
the project and based on all the parameters we have defined the offer that meets our
needs. A financial study was done afterwards to measure the profitability of our
choice from an economic point of view.
Finally, we began to study a photovoltaic installation for public lighting and in
particular we took the example of the headquarters of the Kenitra province.
Concretely, the introduction of these solutions allows a reduction of 5.5 GWh in
annual consumption of electrical energy and guarantees a gain of 2 000 000 Dh in
terms of maintenance.