Types of most frequent Neurodegenerative diseases

There are a lot of diseases and disorders that can cause the degeneration and subsequent death
of neurons in our nervous system. Dementias and neuromuscular diseases are usually the
most known and frequent. Below we can see some examples of some of the most common
neurodegenerative diseases and Neurodegenerative Disease Treatment.
1. Alzheimer's disease
One of the most well-known neurodegenerative diseases is Alzheimer's disease, perhaps the
most prototypical and prevalent problem of this type. This disease, which starts in the
temporoparietal lobes and subsequently
spreads throughout the brain, does not
have a clear known cause. It generates a
dementia characterized by the progressive
loss of mental faculties, with memory
being one of the most affected elements
and the appearance of the aphaso-apraxoagnosic syndrome in which the speech,
sequencing and carrying out of complex
movements and recognition skills are lots
of stimuli like faces.
2. Parkinson's disease
Parkinson's is another of the most well-known and frequent neurodegenerative diseases. In it
there is a progressive degeneration of the neurons of the substantia nigra and the nigrostriate
system, affecting the production and use of dopamine in said pathway. The most recognizable
symptoms are those of the motor type, with slowing down, gait alterations and perhaps the
most well-known symptom: parkinsonian tremors in rest situations.
It can end up generating a dementia, in which in addition to the above symptoms can be
observed mutism, loss of facial expression, mental slowness, memory alterations and other
alterations. So get in touch with doctor for Parkinson's Disease Cure.
3. Multiple Sclerosis
Chronic and currently incurable disease generated by the progressive demyelination of the
nervous system due to the reaction of the immune system against the myelin that lines the
neurons . It passes in the form of outbreaks between which there may be a certain level of
recovery, as the body tries to repair the loss of myelin (although the new one will be less
resistant and effective). Fatigue, muscle weakness, lack of coordination, visual problems and
pain are some of the problems it causes, usually progressing in intensity over time. It is not
considered deadly and has no great effect on life expectancy. Springfield Chronic Pain
Treatment is must on time.
4. Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis is one of the most frequent neuromuscular disorders, being one
of the neurodegenerative diseases linked to the alteration and death of motor neurons. As the
neurodegeneration progresses, the musculature will atrophy until its voluntary movement
becomes impossible. Over time it can affect the respiratory musculature, being one of the
causes that the life expectancy of those who suffer it is reduced to a great extent so
Neurodegenerative Disease Treatment Springfield is must.
5. Huntington's Korea
The disease known as Huntington's chorea is one of the most well-known neurodegenerative
diseases of genetic origin. Hereditary disease transmitted in an autosomal dominant manner,
is characterized by the presence of motor alterations, such as choreas or movements
generated by the involuntary contraction of muscles, its displacement being somewhat similar
to a dance. In addition to motor symptoms, as the disease progresses, alterations appear in
executive functions, memory, speech and even personality.