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65 days
Abdulhadi Al-Amshan
® Abdulhadi Al-Amshan 201S
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by anyNomeans,
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ISBN 978-603-02-7225-9
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• wunt to $how the world how darkness can sometimes be so beautiful.
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(®il^!]0 (S^i c!^£®
55^ ^4=) l^ia]
Dedicated to the people who never believed in me or that I'd make it this fe
. ji-1 Ijjb
Uiia- fj. \ysy, ^
Making "Ecstasy" come alive was my biggest dream in life. Even when I was
experiencing hardship and depression due to sudden detours In my life,
I still managed to persevere and complete "Ecstasy". It wasn't easy but
somehow I made it through. I'd like to thank Almighty God for giving me the
Imagination and determination to make it happen.
I've finally made it.
I'd like to thank my father, Abdulhafeez Ahmed Al-Amshan. You worked tirelessly
all your life so I wouldn't go without. I've never said this to you but I'm indebted
to you for everything you've done. I want you to know that your support mattered
immensely to me. Your enthusiasm for my book release encouraged me to make
it happen. I hope I've made you proud and that you're pleased with how far
I've come despite the obstacles I've faced and criticisms levelled against me.
I'd like to thank my mother whose words were a remedy and who never stopped
believing In me, always prayed and wished the best for me. I love you always and
pray that I've made you proud too.
I'm grateful to my elder brother Abdulmalik, who helped me overcome the challenges
I experienced writing this book. You supported me immensely. You are my backbone.
You are always there for me. You encouraged me with your words of wisdom when
I felt hopeless about myself and the world. Thank you for always being there for me.
I'm hugely appreciative to my twin sisters Amna & Mona for always encouraging me
to write a book. Especially Mona who is a wonderful aspiring artist and offered
invaluable feedback on some of the artwork In this book.
I'd like to thank my little brother Ismail and my little sister Ayesha who gave me
joyous inspiration for this book.
Heartfelt appreciations go to my friends Fatima M. Taha & Laila Sati for helping me
with the Arabic translation of this book. Special mention goes to Dr. Abeer Subke who
ensured that my wish for the world to appreciate the beauty of the Arabic language
stays intact in this book. Thank you.
. JU-V jayi
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Day 1 ___
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Day 3
Day 4
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- ■
Day 6
Day 7 rOay8
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Day 65
An overwhelming feeling of great happiness
or joyful excitement or state of intensely
beautiful bliss. If you've ever been so
happy that the rest of the world
seemed to disappear,
you've felt ecstasy.
iiK'^ JiUSjftll j\ <m\J)\
ispjjJ 5iW-ll '**•$ y f^l y^y.
y^™.i^_p- ^ Jp
. ^LjSSII. &yJ- & ^
Uh ... I was just passing by and saw you sitting here all alone.
So, I thought 'Why not give you some company?'
Let me sit next to you ... if you don't mind.
My name is Abdulhadi ... and you are?
Sorry. I don't mean to sound awkward,
but I am an introvert. Ha-ha.
You seem to be very quiet...
I understand. Sometimes, things happen in our lives
that make us want to be quiet and alone, and
disconnect from this dark world. Perhaps you will
find serenity in my world.
Would you like to see my world?
lilljlji llA fjjo IjLo cjS ... of
tdlS'jLil )Jf> CjJ3 .IJJ
.gibs libjJ tjSJ ^ j| ... libiloo (jdi?-!
^Colj ...
.»(!pUI josu ^'5^1 ix&S jl^Sll
-9^ ^ ^ ^ (I^MT
...IJL9(^lOcJu liiil jJuJ
I ^)llj jl Jjy Ulsiaj ^1
jasu i^jJiOU LjLc (^03 .dU^fljt lit
.^JJail pistil IJub JjjUij Jjflflxi ols
.(^ytb ^3 pbviojl J^3r" .U Uj
4JJJ j ^-bp JA
Day 1
This is mv world
Every day is a new day, and every day there is something new to learn.
Every day we go through the same phases that every other human
being has gone through throughout their lives. We've also all asked
ourselves the question "Why me?" I believe you've been asking the
same question yourself. But throughout the journey of your life,
you'll find that everything happens for a reason. Eventually, you'll
discover those reasons sooner or later. You don't have to rush to learn
everything right now. Life has always been a series of revelations. It's the
same for every human being, but in different ways. My world is about
healing, forgiving, rising, changing, growing, loving and helping. It's about
friendship, relationships and bonding. It's about you, your heart, your mind
and your soul It's about life and the afterlife. It's about strengths and
weaknesses, happiness and sadness. It's about hope and faith.
It's about embracing and so much more.
Primarily, it's about darkness: the darkness that
s taken over us ... and the darkness we are consumed with.
May you find serenity in this world.
.LuejJ 4 o-lvVJ Jj Jld4jlLf jjJs ^3-1 J5
43L»- (J^>- jLuJ J5 l^io^eo (^1 Jc^l^tl ja«fJ «{»5J ij
IIa ilLJu CJL JlS Uic dil (jJslj "!?lj| lilt" tUw-ajl jLoj
OJ-OO 1_|S (jl 8L0JI
iJ^-C'" •iJfJ-u) klLi^J ■ Jl^'" H
C*.«>.l Cut .^Ls-T Ci ^Lc-lc. oL-SlI OJub li ».7^7..I
4jl^j (33 (La
3.1 (.11 . 1 SLpJI CuI5 UUaJ i|.JloJI (3 e-^ii JS
4lcxsJJ io-Lpo
J3P- (^Llc jjJj .4fll7pm
jLuj JSD C)JlpcJ 4jli 3^1)3 (OlsLtjS^VI
IJwaJb {yXA Aj] .OJ^LUI^ CUapJI 13AJI <j^sijl (PLOJJ^II c^aLuiJI (cliAll
LijJI 4jj .dLp-3j3 c^IISc- cdLlS tiiiis- 43]
•U3®^'3 OibtuJI (i^OxnoJ^ 630)! ijz <dl .Sp-Sllj
.jjiSj dUS |j-o jt5l3 e l3lp-^) I 43]
... UJo- jh.w ^JJI ^^UaJI r^iUaJI ^ 43] cj^ll (3
.ohSU^iu,! ,3Ul ^UaJl3
.4lsj| IJLOI (3 C^OJOII JLPO jl
Day 2
The day I lost m/sdf.
There will come a day when you will lose yourself completely.
It may come when you lose someone dear to you, or when you
experience heartbreak, or when you try to please everyone or when
you are betrayed by someone who you thought would never betray you.
And when that happens, it will be so devastating that you'll start
to lose yourself... slowly, slowly. Day by day, little by little, you will
lose parts of yourself and eventually lose yourself completely. Then you
will question yourself, asking whether you can ever find yourself again.
Know that you wilL One day you will find yourself again, and when you do,
it won't be the old you. It will be a person who is stronger and wiser than
before. It will be the new you and it will be someone
who will never be lost again ... ever!
tjJjft luaoul Jiflj dUS cjJotu j5 .LaU ''IihAi <U3 j%a£o ^iLotwu
jOjiCS La .Up jl g^oJI clojJ (Jjln3 3! liLls jmSsj La UUP 3I liLJp
I dlts UJUoo LaJUP 3 .|jji 1^30^ <G1 Ufllaj q£i ^ qaoti qij AiUotU
U3J3 .1 J_J3J «IJlJ3j ... lii fl'l jlJlPS ij ljuJ jl ijlii) qAjJsl
,toU 1-"'' 1 -■■
(_33 dlUo
JLSAJ U33-U ilLuLs luJu <^3J UJU
I.tdJiMA L'l...fl'i Jlco jl dkpUaluib jU jj <JeL*Jj vj^a"
qs^duUPbO t'J «iiP't ..Vjx'hi La La3J3 .J.vfl",..i dlil LaLff ^
■" II dUi jjZl* .^JJl5JI t'J ifiPTMl 03^-> <l-b^ ljUe*j
UjUpJI liLaiki jfZZu/ .^jLJI (^a itcS-P' jsyis 1335^11
llJal ...
Day 3
The ghosts of the isast will fceep haunting you.
Keep mltdng towards ywr destination.
. iiijllaj
The past can be very daunting, whether you are peacefully
sitting in a chair at home, or with a group of friends,
or at your workplace or on your bed saying goodnight
to yourself at the end of the day. The ghosts of the past
will keep haunting you and reminding you about everything
that has occurred in the past. This will cause you to dwell
on the past. If you pay any attention to what has been left
behind you, you will get stuck in an endless loophole.
To get out of this loophole, you must avoid giving any
attention to the ghosts of the past You cannot change
what happened in your past. Keep walking towards
your destination. Your future awaits you.
^<i Irao L.'
tljj?- SLi 03^j jl <3^?
jlSLo ij 5! .CISJLOSII ,3-0 ic-^Aoco iaa^j 3I.j dlj-v-Lo
4jl^j j fiJustai iLJ dl... Q: I (^IaZ) OjIj
(jit 3! .dLLo£
.419 oJlO- La
{jQittiij lilijllaj ^oLLI
|Jh"«»i .^3-JI
djlSp LL ^LaXtbl ^$1 C«'hcl lij .^ui t3 Lm-ujy- liijloj JJ lilJi ^3j,-"1
viLJp iS^iUI oJuk 3* ^jjpcU .LftJ ijl^j 5^*5 ^ (31*3
La J^SJ diSL^ d
(gl (5^141 ^UJul cllat| Uxlculj jl
i*|j 1*^ I. n? n. ->0 1 * 1711 p- 300 j ' -■■ n 3 ^3 1*1: .A 1 ^
- 13Day 4
uJho were you before they betrayed yoo?
i*Jk> were yai before they brofce yoa?
dtho were yoo before they hurt yoo?
'iiljijt j'
Have you ever thought about who you were before those
events that changed you? The old you who used to trust
everyone, the one whose heart was unbroken, the one
who had never been hurt? We lose ourselves bit by bit
after undergoing tragic events. We forget how cheerful,
happy and full of life we once were. I want you to
remember who you used to be. Don't let these incidents
make you forget who you were. Don't build a wall in front
of yourself. Don't let these events change the way you
think about people. Don't let them change your beautiful
smile. Don't let them change you for the worse. Let them
be the reason you change for the better.
OJJb J-kS 4*lfr C.U5" ^JJI 1_yi■> .t. 1L)
jl3 ^3* .ii Jji
c^uxpJb (35^5^1 ijU- illcl i^JJI ^jJkill dLajki
?i_^9 i_$SL v_< i^jJI 1_yagt,<ti II <Ja9 d-t.L't j
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.djjLuUl LjlJa>-5ill jostu Ijjjys JJU LLUUS U.kti I•., jja jLaii jxtj
dJjjjl .J^3 (jjo SLoJb <1L-Lq3 5J-kS-iu3
I ><» fl )l C. ilS" fS i^ajj
11.1 A"! .dUS
dilg-PO ij|ji£>-^ll C jj2> ^Jj V .05 (j-o jSJuJ (jl
jjvij dllsuju olJiP-Sll josu gJa il .dLtflj ^Lot ljl-Lc>J) d|j^s3 J3 V .dLaoJI dlloLuljl jJu L^tJj .^uUJI
.Jjia^tl 500
j ^...Jl j$3 l^ci Jj
Day 5
"Don't let anyone steal yoar heart.
Did someone steal your heart... or did you let them steal it?
Isn't it easy to say "He/She stole my heart?" But are you happy
that your heart has been stolen? Did the person who stole your
heart let you steal theirs as well? Or was it a one-way matter?
If so, are you going to take back your heart, or are you going
to let that person have it forever? Is that person worthy of
keeping your precious heart? Ask yourself these questions
because it's not healthy to let someone who is unworthy steal
your heart so easily. Protect your heart from thieves who steal
hearts simply to use them, play with them and hide them forever.
Your heart is sacred, so keep it safe.
t—cPrft III liljl ^»l ... ^ 1^1 Ify-l ij)J-Jj (jl^ ^Cj. <11 (Jjfe
Co I Jjk
J^iL) (jl (Jq »i II ^1
jL liLia i3jmi i^JJI jnpr.t. 11 liU ^a-uj 5i3jvi J3 dLIs Xoto
>a^" jl^ 01 ?JaA9 .A0-I3 olcol OlS Co 15 ijLU,l jl ^1 5dUJ5 4a1s £j<mJ
?JoSU AA& J.OffO iya»uiJI dUS ^SLui dJil ^1 idLis .hy"..I"..I J^S (dUj5
dLnAj jlao jl dLJx. ?ljjuat)l dLLaj Jailou jl j^ootiJI dUS t3C>tlao Ja
%^JI OJ^j t'i i.l9 43j~o jjaoLuJ ^U^uJI JuffJI 0<o i_>uJ SI 411^11 fijjfc
jjSjvo ^jdUl (jo^tf-iill cLb (^£>0 jl dLic .4 flpr7 .njSl 5A Uco
.JaSU I^JIAP-I 3 l^j >-.-PU1 (l^iSlslui^l iiaLco
.IJup- 4^ic JaSlocS .^Jio p^i dUl jj
Day 6
/%i toe feelings, too,
* *
This is a fact that society refuses to acknowledge. Most of the time,
men's feelings and emotions are disregarded. When men express
their emotions or let out their feelings of despair, society considers
them weak. Therefore, men isolate themselves, fall victim to depression,
and experience anxiety that makes them unfocused/distracted. This
anxiety results in addictions to things that provide only temporary relief.
No, men are not weak. They are human. They get tired of being strong
all the time. Tired of holding the tears inside. Tired of the pressures they
face every single day outside/inside their homes, in school/college/university
or on the job. Men experience hardships as well. Whether it's your father,
husband, brother or son, a man doesn't have supernatural powers to
withstand all the pressures of this world. Understand them, be kind
to them and be patient. They always try their best to be invincible
for their loved ones.
fl) jLe»-^)l ^Jajfco (3
U.gAlg^o (_)a3>J i^l 4fl J.b>JI 0jji
3I ^Ji^frLioo lj£- JLfjJI jou LQ JIC5
Jlc>-_)JI jf-Liuo JAICO
JLt-JJI Jjau (Jlllljj .uC-KxaJb jgp'pc^l
il ^ill »LmSII jlo^ll JJ
^iitl IJJk
^ ij^jzi) .j-i-j
.ttlow.o l^iu-J JLp-^JI <^IS .4193X1 ip-ljJI £$*1
ZiUoyzja)] (3^0 iJ^xsCJ .^L?-IJlj g^ajJI
jj-o j3*si3j .093]I JI3X3 »1^391
3I i^WI/iJSJl/iwjjX,! (j c^JjLo Jp-b/^jl»- ^3J JS l^j3^?-l3J (^1
«dJjJl3 Jo->JI I XA 015 cl3«(3 .iw^cLaXI 0^
*lUj5 .JajOI
05 Q-oJtlJ 49)l»- ^39 4jjJ C-.UJ 0?>1^ 3I tlJl^l «iilS-33
O3J3ICO ^9 033^03
4a.hl 1335
.^slsJI IIa Oli93ijO
^jLp-I jiaj 0 '3^3^) f
I3jLo9 0 AJ U3d
.j^a ') 0 (3iJI joocAJI dUi
-25Day 7
It's just a. piece of paper,
but it has so rwch power ouer us.
^yy ^
. \j-JlP SJW. ..^1 ^Aa"...o
-29Day 8
Fnilire AwtwmL SnMrM /Hess
(4>ste MORDf
SKINNy I Mhkss psgosting I F/VTiy! 'bwbo. Owsy flop«les
All your life, others have criticized and judged you. Some of
this you may forget and some of it you'll remember for the
rest of your life. These incidents are so traumatic, you still
hear the voices in your head. You don't want to remember
them, but they come to you as flashbacks. When they come,
they suddenly change your mood. One moment you're happy
and the next you're sad. One moment you're laughing and the
next you're quiet. You may lose your self-confidence, and
feelings of helplessness may arise. Others may not notice this
because it all happens internally ... It's time to make peace
with it Listen to yourself. Explore your inner world. Be kind
to yourself and take good care of your body, emotions
and mind. Build a motivational environment.
JJ ij* liLic'jl <(iljLc>- JI^L
ol>Xp-^tl 0jjis ^ Laxj CfaL.ui
.liLaiij j Ol^-a^JI g-a-^o CJj la «lja>
0jjfc .liljLo- d.^LJ
jp-3 .^Ul i>o OLaa3 iljJb ^Js- liljb l^iSLt .bk^JiS jl Jby ^ Cul
Ciyt AjJjff5jb3 IJujiw 03^3 OjllS cSlptfl dL?-!^
^tLLa dLjjJ gfljp J^3 1'li.t.fl.ii dlioj Jiaij Ji5 .iSaLk j3Sb
Sjil 133
$tb OJLcxj la J5 ($ ... 1 jjJ> JS ila^^lo {y*
jSLalJ i) JiS
<dLui3 Jj Ojflil cvjIJ^SII oloi ja (»^LJI
033)! jlo- dflJ .dLL?-b
<dJjLua?o IJLL9dLcflj ^0 la.h) ^>5 .^Lp-ljJI dUU efl ..'I
Aj a a a *, % t*l... a 11 ^ol ,dUSc3 dlibl3su
Day 9
Li-fes like a pair of dice; soowtirtes we win, and soAetirAes we la
Never stop rolling ffve dice.
- rt-
* p .
. ijJl :Up-2 jp Uj JvjZ *
.'■' , ■' ' . «; *.
Here is a fact you must accept. You cant always win
at everything, and you certainly won't always lose at
everything. There will be wins and losses. When you do
face a loss, don't give up. No matter how huge the loss is,
keep trying. Look at it as a lesson, not a loss. Be positive
and confident that in the next round, you will be victorious.
Sometimes you must appreciate the loss so you can appreciate
your victory more. Pick up the dice and roll it again.
Again and again!
J5 (j Lfli j^AJI
V .1^1 ■ a"! jl dLLc. da^Sp- ^yb Lb
CjljLaijl dllioi j^lui.» ijS jj jvuitJ JoSllib 3
ojLaffJI Oils' U^-oj .^> 1.1." . ,.■> SI iSjLup- dp-ly LoJJx. .jjLop- 3
.OjLOtS l_y»xJ 3
1^15 l^iII jJajl .^locLI (3 jfl'ml «dft>hcJOSU (3
03^1 ioilall ilyaJI (3 libL UJI33 lalsol jS
dljLaljl yJlEj (jSLoIi ^lo- OjLupJI jJtflj jl liLit L-xco jlySlI
.^^>•1 5yj Atryp-S 3 ijUl Jnfl'll .jSSl
!S> Jisu 5j-o
Day 10
"Don't let anyone control yoo like a snake charmr.
Be the master of yonr own life.
LiiAp jla.. .*1,
^\i L>^
Stop letting people control you. It's your life. Sometimes
you may realize that being controlled means you are being
rescued or guided. There's a vast difference between being
guided and being controlled. You must stop living your life
according to others' philosophies, as though yours doesn't
matter. Some people don't realize that the world does not
revolve around their own point of view. You deserve to live
life based on your own decisions. If you do this, you won't
blame others for negative outcomes in your life.
Acknowledge that you're not a snake dancing
to the time of a snake charmer.
.CJl dljUo- l^jj .db ^SlotZJL) ^LJJ ^U-uJI j^C uflSy
jl (jJaJ j^cj3 jLo-^l josu ij
qO gwli i3>9 ^1*^3
3I dJilfljl 431
dbLo- iJuj-Z (jX- 1,09313 jl dLit
.^gtlll 3 <Ut>'3lJI
il jl 3J U5 jjqC^I OlliuloJ lo93
Cul .iiloJI ^Jbqlaj iftg-3 J3g- J3dJ ^ ^bJI jl
C*a3 0I3 .tLutiCt^JI dbljlqoj 1033 SLpJI qi-JU jl j^OcIuaJ
.dbLp- (j gilii (^I jjqg-^l ^313 jli cdUJi)
OUiu (qlt Lailj bLszj CkuJ dbL j_fl3 jl di.lo
.AubdJI qg-Ltf
bay 11
rat of the. ti'Me, tAey are silent. Ihey have sharp vision
and the ability to soar high.
Eagles are an inspiration. Most of the time, they are silent
Through this silence, they ensure that their prey doesn't know
what their next move will be or what their next targets will be.
Eagles' silence doesn't mean they don't notice what's going
on around them. They observe everything with their sharp vision.
They are focused. They wait patiently for their moment When
they locate their prey, they narrow their focus on it and set out
to get it No matter the obstacles, they will remain focused on
their prey until they grab it They are certain that they will
achieve what they want. They love storms because storms
lift them above the clouds. Likewise, you can use
the storms of life to rise to greater heights.
Be like an eagle!
.CiSyl fihva
iJllJI O^Jaitll Lo ijyo jJ ^ft...'1^9 ji jy^-pj Cui^aJI
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il ^ft'a,«o .ioilnJI ^ftl^jp yb La 3I
< jjjSy .aloJI
.^ftJ5e»- J3JIJ
c^ftloO^S jjiApsJ LaJilft 5 .<La-a<loJI dJaoJJI jt jl jyaj jj^lalb
y lyJI CJlS" U^j .Lftj jjiJJ jj)alhlj 3 IftJx.
(jLc- ^-a> .Lftj
Sijllxa ^ l^iayj y) «ir)lstaaJl3
ULolyJI O3APO ^ftj] .Ij^lji la yico ^3 O39c0cLl^i ^ftjL ^(j q^flj
^o^oly- ^IjLPtMtfl dLSLff .litjjJj Lajl C0I3 .lylp^uJI ^^3 ^ftxiy Iftl^l
■ Cib^T... 11 jjlt! (Jj jfljjfvJ SUPJI
! fuuJI Jla ^S"
Dont bottle up your feelings, emotions or love out
of fear of what others may think. You may not be
good at expressing your feeUngs, emotions, love or
anger because you fear the outcome or because you
want to avoid conflict or harming others. These reasons
may cause you to bottle up everything inside yourself.
However, the pressure inside your body and mind will
be too much; sooner or later, the lid will explode, and
everything will pour out unpleasantly. So, it's better
to let everything out now. It's time to empty the bottle.
U-0 1939- dLc 5I
0-<5o il
jrualll v3 IJa9- 03^3 V JiS .Oij^l til} «ulaj J5
,3-0 1939
3I tdLs>td)^£-l<t.o ^c0 jjfc
i5iVl iJWI 3I
3^ 4.f>A."iII
jSJ .L'ILVIjj CJ_JJU JS" ^n.ijxl lib ^5^33 J-9 i iL^^II
3 ;ljj JLi 03$^ dUJLc.3 dlft ...P- J9I0 JaxAtl
4I9IJJ La L^tfta 4919jJI alJaC ^ptfli i .>1 iUT |»l
^9t-3 jl 0^9^11 j^a I jJ .4iPr" iuti j*s.49I93JI ^b^^l O93II ijl9 .(jSlI e^ji (JJ
Day 13
h handwritten letter will alwt/s be a firneless thing of bewfty.
\jjjl 1^1 L>. (jA-i
We are in an age of instant communication. We can write something
at the tap of a key. Don't you think it's time to try something our
ancestors did? Yes, the old ways can be hard. They're time-consuming.
However, creating a handwritten letter shows effort and expresses a
different set of feelings than a simple email or a long text does. One
values something more when a loved one has expressed it in a handwritten
note. It's a raw and incomparable experience to hold a piece of paper and
read everything a loved one has written by his or her own hand. No
matter where technology takes us, handwriting will always remain
a timeless beauty. If you haven't tried writing a letter, why not do
so today? Pick up a pen and piece of paper and pour out your
heart in a traditional way. Experience the way people expressed
themselves dining the golden era.
J&s- i3 0^1 oluJU
f\3 o^i
CJ3JI jlc- JlS Ail JlAIsu ill .jj tltrgMQ ijijttf
l_7^S .Aaslo ifaill i3_>iaJI j^Sj JL5 HJJ-I ?«la|jLgfcLt»»b Li^Lul
J-Jb ilLuij AJIIS" JSJ 3 .CAS^JI 1^0 j^l^JI tjijv"<11 >
^Li-ll Aft^ilo AC3A®CO ^ ^aij 3 J3 j^il JL^SJI _^ia3 jl
jou jl
jflj 3I ajJ^l ilbuj g.hl4«1 ^1 Jl9 Afl^laj
03Lot AlC jbu LaJLLe yS\ e^^UI c^tl jJl2j SI .A.ufl» JSLiJb Iftlfr
AxlS Lo JJ 1^flj 3 ASJ3JI Jaoo jl l^J JJLo SI Aj^oo I^jJ .JlJI Jastj
AjkSJl I^CLLLui ilJusu Uc'3J3lSjdl LjJ^I 1^03
dl) lil^Lp-l
ISUis cji5 jjs AJL.J Ajb5 ijjoo ISJ .I^JLJI JUJ?- OlS L^b jUb
ijs- dais O lj3l^0 Ua^aul 3 ASJ3 3 UJl 0.7.11 ^30!I l_ljpeJ Si
^ ft ....oil je jiajilJI ^Ul iliel lJlS jy^m\ .AjJuiolll AOJ^kJI
.^ifcJJ! j^astil JSI^-
Day 14
Laje grows emy da/ when yoo wafer it witA loyalty,
trost, resjsect, appreciation, and passion.
We don't usually water our love, allowing it to become beautiful,
and then wonder, "Why did the love between us die?" The answer
is, it wasn't nurtured properly. Ask yourself Is there any loyalty
in the relationship? Do you respect each other? Do you trust
each other? Do you appreciate each other? Where is the passion?
How will the love grow when you stopped watering it with those
necessary qualities? If you don't place any importance on these
quahties of love, you will drift apart every day. Love is about giving
and receiving. It's about giving respect to the one you love and
receiving the same. It's about being loyal to each other. It's about
appreciating each other's efforts, even if they're small.
JeLuj ^03 t^Lac»3 3AiJ U*p- i^3ji ^ 5iU QXJti
^3 ^
IJLA jV ct^Jj
13} liJUji (Jjh :t'J <>iQ > jLoil .4JIjlJI JLLQ
(JSLij ^xilcj
US^IS" (313 Ja
USLosj jlojCpu JA ?U5cailc 5^5
?i_fliAJI 3A ^JI 5USL«a3u <Lo.>a j3jJL_L5 JA 5j-c^l cd^iatb
OlAoJI dili 4jI3jJ ^ 03^5313 LqJJLc capJI 3,a,:,4,4.,I dbl3J i^&jS
j OLioJI 0IjaaI hsu ^ jj 54i^»L.yi
.cliaf-3 3A i_*oJI .£$) JS jO^}\ q£vjl^oo^b Ijlu-oj
1333^3 jl 3A . Jlib dLblflj jl3 «U«3 ^jJI joitAjl |»jvpo jl 3A
joxJI ^josu ^3^93A .jaxJI MOP J 61*33!
.Ojjjio C*iU jl 3
-87Day 15
Alake (vye feel like I m towe again.
. \sjov Jjdl ^
We always feel a link to a place, country or city that we consider
home, but later we realize it's a feeling we can experience no matter
where we are. It's a feeling of peace, comfort and utmost safety. You
may have had a similar feeling when you were with a family member,
or a best friend or a special someone. However, it's not necessarily
a "place" that gives you this feeling of happiness and security. Most of
the time, it's your closeness to your family, friends and loved ones,
no matter where you are. They are the only ones who will always make
you feel like home. Being around them will always make you feel like
you're at home. That feeling can never be replaced by any place,
city or country, even if you confuse that feeling of closeness with
your loved ones. Home is where your loved ones are.
03^3 LUAO- .ilxstA ioJ-o 3I JlL jl Lo jlSU U^LLo JaJj3 Ub
i'J j$sJ, Sjoia djl
dfjAj UiSLI <1x1 41 in ilb js*) Jj-Lo
(3^ -63^-11 io^LJl 3 4»-ljJI 3 c3JL^Jb j^sJj 431 .CmS Uijl 4j
I dl 2)i)iin 3! ciihJjLc- aljfll J^I
C«5 qve»- jytAJI dloJlp- jl3
I jjt> 03^ ol 0)3j^xtb {juJ <JLo- ^1 (jlx- .i'lil& yjjc. jacuJb 3I iO^dXI
^JasLo (^^49 .jlaSjl 3 S^btuJI J3sti dltxlAjJ '"tiK-o" e,^]!
I jhlJI lja»J O^buuJI jJlkxo 3^ dljLo-1 3 dlilsJuol 3 dlxlSlfr j-Q
^stij lilbu?- (jlc (j3jilSJI
.4_i9 j3Jj>-l3x) ^JJI jl^tl ^
| Sjt «i1 jL (JxiS ^Ix0uU3
d)iy>-3 j| .dUjlo (j 3
LbJuo 3! jsJ jlS^ Ijbl 4_l«ajLLo dLSL^ V j3.v-1.tJl I jji 3 . Jjiil (j
.dilxo-1 (^a 1—Jjill J3*i jlS" jj 3 -jJi 3I
.dJJLp-l tjefij Uxig- 3^ Jjitls
-81 Day 16
The strongest bond will always be the one
yoa have with, your &Mi(y.
L>- ^3
This bond is Gods greatest blessing. It is where life begins,
and love never ends. It's the only bond that is unbreakable
and unchanged. No matter where you go, where you travel
or how far you are from your family, no distance or absence
will transcend their love for you. Their hearts will always hold the
same amount of love they had for you the moment you became
a part of their lives. Their doors are always open for you. Perhaps
the struggles of this life may distract you from appreciating your
family's presence in your life, but I want you to cherish them.
This bond is a true blessing from God to you. Be grateful and
remember that this love cannot perish.
UaoJI 5^3 SLoJI Ijuj
.LLJC. djjl ^ju ^Jat! Jaj|j}\ |juj>
CP^.S ■-t-i**" 5^
Jajlpl 4JJ
il 15JJI
Col 6^-0 li' Jj ^ •jSl—3 JjI J| 3] .4J| OJijj I^JJI jlSUl o* jlaJI
(3^ ^ iJ^" ol® CUJLSJI JUa 3I ClsLJ,! CJJik-J U4-09 cdllUlfr t.oi
jjill (juAj IJJIJ Uli tiU IJAPO Jhv.if ^j^ios .viU ^^.i> (jlc ' ■!«"' jjJ
.^jLo- (> IJJP- Oct^al ,^1 iiapJJI ^ J-Js (ijJI V®1" tH1
ULu-j Ocliaiuil
SLaJI ala> clclj>o J*J .liULa-Sl Uli 4r»-3lfl-Q
[ j'
j iilll3lc iyfj
ij£- liLfcLlil i"-"-*" jl
Jj>5 "dJI <tA*j 3A iajl^ll lias
O^ij jlj
Jj—>1 i.ijA'O i)
k_*oJI IJjh jl jJjj 3 l„i„"ft.i> jj .iiU
-65Day 17
)tw ace My obsession.
^ ISi
Are you obsessed with someone? A person who is your addiction
or possession? Someone who is so irresistible, you love him or
her in every way? The emotion is so deep, you choose him or her
over many others in the world. Yet is this obsession killing you
or making you? Is it healthy or unhealthy? While you can be
intrigued by someone, fascinated by someone, like or love
someone, you shouldn't ever be obsessed with someone.
This obsession will destroy you...
The stronger the obsession, the deeper the wound.
The deeper the wound, the more painful the trauma.
joiki TiilSIL jl <iiljLoil japti 5Lo (^pkii) 1^055^0 Col Ja
SjIkU OjuaG 6300 lihaLLc
<UotJ lilil ij'jjJ ^glijj il
lijk Jji 0^3 •^IsJI Ijjfc 3
jo (j-o djjfu?-!
lj3lflA 03^3 jl djlSLo^j
30 Jo ?dl3il«aj ^1
IJol (jg. jj il «4i«j 3I <dj Lotax <4j ^300^ (Lo joitAj
...lilysJo 0330" oJ5^' l-io j^l tjtaiti (_$!) L/3330 03^3 jl
^ffJI jlS UlS" «IJ3§ i3i3^}l jl5 UJ5
.J$] 4X30 OoJuoJI Co IS"
(3AC ilj U-IS3
Day 18
Shatter if and yai won't be afale to pot if back together.
Irusf is fragile.
. UjL#
If someone trusts you more than anything in this world,
don't break his or her trust. When you break someone's
trust, you do a lot of damage to that person. His or her
trust will never be the same again, regardless of whether
you're in that person's life in the future. You will create trust
issues in that person. He or she will not easily trust again.
Even when that person finds someone trustworthy, he or she
will have trouble regaining trust Only pieces of it will remain.
Before you break someone's trust, know that you're about to
do eternal damage.
(^o jJSI liij Jjlj t_yT><ti libjj jlS" lij
.IjrjiS^ 6jii5 l^Zo- CoU clo josti iflj j^uSo LoJuxS .4aAj
il ^I djLc- i3 CaIS* el^ui il^JiPba L^JIS jniV-.tJI dlJi <l2j (_y0.ij
jj-o 3 .(joffctL)) lJuk (_5jJ 45*11 (3 O^iuo ^liVtui Col .J.qtiiiU (3
jolpti^ll eVyij 5
(^-Ij jl 4^ic J^JI 3-° OS^i ^
t—oto.ll (j-0 03^-^ 'Lie 4J 33J3JI
(jLc jjjoo LoJLIC t_7Ip.(B7Ap ^lil Jais I4I0 4^.1..; giaS .bJkPM ioDI S^UtZuil ^^Ic.A j^II (Jl Oj—oJj jl dLii3 (jLt lilil ^Icl c^j^Jl£>-I i5j j-oaSo jl JaS cIJJ
-73bay 19
ft war is gang on inside rry head.
How can I explain my inner struggles to anyone?
There will be different kinds of wars inside your head which
you can't explain to anyone, even if you want to do so. Nobody
will be there beside you in your ongoing battle. You're on your
own, fighting on and on so much so that you become exhausted
and can't even retreat... Hold on to your weapons, as it won't be
easy. Remember that you'll suffer many losses within yourself.
However, you must subdue these wars one way or the another.
Don't let the other side win. Be aware that the sole purpose of
this battle is to do the most harm to the other side with the least
harm to yourself.
May you be victorious.
^ <uip-|jJ| ijl&ljr* i-'fl) (_y-i5L^
ijfy Lflijr^flJ dUSL^ ^3 dLulj Jii-I Jj J3 Jj djillc-ua 03^9- lilLflj j^S^Lui
lillS^a Jil^Jl Ji9-1 ilLifc d£i O^S Oijl 3J (jaoci
(^yio- iwjjlpu 3 ljjUso iSij-Le Col .iilaJI
1_3a9- dliSL^ ^1 3 u**2JI
mpJI (jlxliu lilil
Os^-i jj J-0^' oV lihetJLiL dLLf ... gP-ljUl
3I ioj^iaj i_>3j9JI OAA j-faZj jl dUx- dUi ^Xj3 ■ J^-li SjjuSJI
3^. aS^sii,! ola> ^ Jus-^jl iJj^JI jt dJjJo jl
05^ dLo-Ka9- £Jl) il
■ dlaJiil jSLo-O Jj<> J5I3 j95ll l—olsJb j^AA jjSl ijlojj
.Lo-Jax Ijvai dU (^-L^l
-77Day 20
hdm and Eae Made Mi'sfafces.
IaJIv are we io be flawless?
We can never be flawless. You can never be flawless.
No human can ever be flawless. Even Adam and Eve
made a mistake, and they were the first humans to
be created. How can you expect a person to live life
without making mistakes? It's a part of life. Mistakes
are painful, but they are part of the experience. Sometimes
one mistake may be the only thing that can change you.
Often, mistakes direct us to the right path. Mistakes are
meant to guide you. Don't dwell on them. Learn to admit
your mistakes but don't punish yourself for them.
Know that you are being human.
.I_J5AC ^b 03^j 0' '^l
ijA (Jl^" oM
J)! (J iif»" in LI i3-o3
li/xi .j-iJI Cila^iiioQ J3I ^jJ> lylSj <lJai> I3JJJI
pUap-SlI .UjLp- J-o l^jj ^SUap-t ^1 l3>5j jl jji <13Lp- jaoti
i_^Soy JS jLo-^l josu i^OS .4jjPtlJI ^0 bjp- j ■i7v'i
^jjJoJI (Jj cUap-^ll bd^Aj (Ltlc .Sj .Aig;) ^Lfl5 jjSoj I Jp-Ij tlap(Jl viLstoJ I4I31PO y jSJj .liJjJujU eUap-^JI OjJ^S Jiil .^ouflJI
t*Lnfl') i—xSlaj ^1 qSJ dblke-L uSjojj jl ^Isj tdistill elj^il
. jLajl ol^lib OJU
Day 21
IW cftr«d]/of mrtf people. In the end, the answer was alwoy
it's Me, Myself and I.
w* »-*
< Lsb
p "
. \jl^ < ^mJLj i \i\
- 83-
Some events make us stop caring about what people think
of us or say about us. Some events make you give up on people
completely because they reveal that such people will be here today
and gone tomorrow. They will clap for you now and belittle you the
moment they turn their backs on you. Accept that many people
walk around with masks. You must turn your focus on yourself.
However, while engaging in self-care, don't hurt those who really
care about you. Know with whom you are keeping company and
to whom you are giving your time and energy.
0^3^ 3' ^
d-JaJ U
^ Lixpcj LliLo- (3
C*dliV UU (^"Ul ijs- {J&JJ lillsoo
o jjj> ijhxxS .Lc0^11 liU
^5^1 UA
^«asu jl
Si jjjjJj ,^1 iiaisJJI ^ dLjb ^ (j^Jlflj 3 viL lj3noeiuu ^3
(jjJajx f-&3 03)300 ^UJI (j-o JjJjzJI jl 63^9 Jla3 dLLfr .^jJ5j3^Ja
ju>- .Jl»- JJL&3 .dLuAj (Js. djjSji JS ijyxj jl IJJ .isiiSl
jj""jj jJI
(3^3^ Vl tfliilf' t/i <11Qi 1 ^LoJui^l (3 (3" mi>5
.dlisllaj dll93 «tJas3 i^jJI 3^3
^JJI ji IJup- ij^l .Ito- db
bay 22
yoo li\je twice
You don't live only once. You live twice. The only difference is,
here, life is temporary, while there it's forever. When will you realize
that this world is only a mirage and that the afterlife is waiting for you?
In the afterlife, there is no sadness, heartbreak or loss. It is the true
forever and ever. Keep this in mind before you do something that will
affect your afterlife. This world is impermanent and your time is limited.
Make it worth your while. Be kind, positive, patient and optimistic.
Make peace. Make someone happy today and know that a world
beyond this world awaits you.
jl 3JS5
.qoya (jtiiwi Oil .jafli 5Aflj 5yj (JU-ISJ Col
5^ J^UiJt I Jji jl dlj-UL.j t_7lQ .4 j,l )1 dlLuij Lol c4_I9^o Lot) SL0JI
Qjjjj?- ^3 .jjf J^-3J il 5_p^ll SLoJI ij
dj^ll jlj oljo
ol J^3 jUscill jjft ^ dUS g-a .Jl»5iII Jj3 (^S.SpJI Jo^ti 4j| .8jLo> 3I
jj ^l*JI 11^3 .5>S>I viljLo- (jlc <>(^lo ^LaJJ Jaiaoo
iLolpoj cllja j5 .1^9 4la£>J ^^oclaU 4i*»-l9
dllSj <Jlj^JI
.^^Jl Lo LacCu JULUI <^^LUJI ^uol .MJLALO^ <1J^O
■dljl h'tb ^.LrJI IJub Jisu Ulc t^Uik jl ^ic-13
.until I met people who were extremely toxic They 11 drain you
and leave you emotionally wiped out. They want you to feel
sorry for them and to be responsible for what happens to
them. Their problems are never really solved; once you help
them with one crisis, there's inevitably another one. All they
want is your ongoing sympathy and support; to get it, they
will create one drama after another. At first, you may feel for
them, but once you see that every interaction has a negative
outcome, you may want to limit your contact or cut all ties
with them. Don't be overly willing to give them your time
and energy, as these things are too valuable.
53^0 liLijSjbj
.d>amil 4jli. jj Luljl OJbls i^sr dllij..
Ux- ^33^0 03^3 jig ^1300 ufl^/Slb jv.t.'i jl iilj3Jb_>j .iwflJol^ bb
cOlajSlI I5JL^I ij
tljjl JffcJ jJ ^JSLLO .^J vl*JL0O
ir^alofcll ^xjJl3 i—fllslstiJI 3A <lj3U J5 .illotA )i
J5LLo lft>.L"..i
^3 .tS^yi 313 S^A iiAlji iuLtl jjlilptJ I_93^I c^JblsIxA (jlx J3«ac>tD3
J042A Jxlij JSJ jl lihJay-Mo
3 i^JLp- i^tSlb
ji 4jIjJI
La J5 glaS U>I 3!
iflLoljl) i3JL»Ulo- V-iXjuu <<LuL<* gjlli
.iiliiU33 iibs3 ^tcJe jSl
SjLc J ^3 )) dLkj^j
.|ju^ <Laa9 eU&l 0Ji_^9
-93Day 24
IaAo woold you allow to win today?
Brain: It's time you stopped running behind things that are not yours. It's bad for you.
Heart Mind your own business, brain. When will you stop being realistic?
Brain: It's not about being realistic. I want you to understand that some things are not
meant for us.
Heart: Don't say that! Stop! You don't know the future. Be positive. You're always
Brain: It's not about positivity or negativity. Sometimes we must be cautious and
accept what doesn't belong to us.
Heart: No, you just don't want to see me happy! Why do you always have to go in the
opposite direction?
Brain: Because I care about you. I don't want to see you sad.
Heart- But this is what makes me happy... can't you see?
Brain: I know. I can see the way it makes you feel...
Heart Than why? Let me win this time.
Brain: I can't. I'm sorry. You've been hurt before. I won't let anything hurt you
. i LLp-Sl
i_>»J .ilU Cmijl •Lil >.flli> jpSjll ljC' i^hs^sJ Os^JI
TLhsI^ illj^ ijc- .
>x2J :JJiall
,JiaJI ioLjJI
^10,1 :i_.lall
.U ^SS3 f .LA^II joju j! ^aj jl liljjjl .ioisl^Jb
y j^ll :Jap|l
.^L. Ub cjl .Llool .J;St„.U ^jjC il Col Ii-aSjS IdJi J23 )J rvlSJI
(jjjiff- O5S0 jl l_»PO vjLo-SlI jQ*J ■311.1 .ill 3I iolooitb ^Ih'j V yill :Jovll
S^^uSIaLI oleublb i-1 fti.'G jl Ub ' hie- lilt llj.ot.ii) i^lp jl Jjjj il Col <bl ilall
Ly* tilljl jl Jojl V5... lib ^u>l
fi5j3 ill... IJ-a-.u (^Lbtoo to $0, Ijjb jSJ :i_.lall
...I^JLd- I4J jsl£3 ^*11 iaj^kJt ^jl jl j»ih'ml <^ItI:Jlall
.Ojil OIA j^sl
5bU til :vLijl
1 Oy> libijj jl »^!i ^tt^ul jig „. JJj jA ^iSlI Cui^ju Jla) .i_a<«T bl <jJalwl U :Jagll
Day 25
6/er wondered what tears yoir heart ivrore than anything e&
One-sided love. To fall in love with a person who doesnt love
you in the same way. It tears you apart. It's hell in disguise.
It will crush you deep inside and make you feel like you are
living on the edge of something, waiting to discover if you
will make it through or fall in between. It's about expecting
the person you love to fall in love with you one day. You must
acknowledge that not everyone is lucky enough to be loved
back by the person they love. And this sole acknowledgment
will save you from further misery.
.j-tuLAI QuJij
ca£>- ij ^535]I .Jl^-I^ ijya i^pJI
Jp-|jJI QA ^iSr*..!^ l_9^al .^_iOloJI JlS^t jjx J&i 4j| .dl5j^ jytiJI Ijjk
C.-S (jJ 43jXia Ijh'i ei <Lo isl^- yU
diL ^ dW- 3
iiL»- ^
^ jJI
otj iils*S33 4j| .<lLo Lo jl^iS 3I 4Jbli>- jou
13400 JJI (jaikJJI ^JiLJ ^Jjjhraoa guooJI jL ^Aj jl ddc .Lo L03J
•0^3^" 6-° -J-Jj-ll d_^Lco 1.9301 jl_p^l IJljI>3 .J3V.0JI Qi'Oj
bay 26
Cherish €\K*y single immrt of ycuc life.
I'. I<
You should cherish every single moment of your life and
every person in your life. Appreciate and celebrate each moment,
as life is very short Cherish the moments with your loved ones,
with your family and friends. From small to larger than life, cherish
every moment as if you will never, ever re-live it The only moment
you have is right now, and you should make the best out of it. Life
is a beautiful struggle that everyone must face. So, accept what life
has to offer wholeheartedly. "Today" will be the most precious time
of your life. Face it with happiness, as you never know
which moment will be the last one youll encounter.
jJl5 .libLc- joiti JS3 tiibLc- J 4JapJ J5 ^>-»i3 jl ilLit
OliaoJJI liUb .IJlo- SjruflS 0L0JI jV <llapJ J$j
cl^jis SLPJI jx J^l J| jr^KaJl ^
dhJjU. .dULo-l ^0
IjlJI SJuli^-^JI <tlax*UI
5^0 Ift.* iigl i^J lilil 3J U5 OllapiUl
^•1 /yg SLoJI.jSLo-o
JjosL IftHMV1! jl liLicj j3JI dLjJ
JSo SLoJI dl) <LqJ-OJ La (Jxflj <IJJ
jjLc i_xCO JaA9libSl Sdl&uJ
.dljLp- Osj
. Oj^Vl tdartill
dJarjJ Ijjl
Day 27
AiysficaJ, rvwgica) /Wfaia/j nights.
Theres something about Arabian nights. Its mystical. The silence
in the howling winds speaks to you. The stars, like diamonds, shine
in the darkness. A magnificent mystical beauty, enough to mesmerize
you- There's something inexplicably magical about these uncharted
deserts. Holding the sand in your hand, overwhelmed by the mysterious
vibes, have you ever wondered how many people dwelled in these lonely
deserts? You'll become aware of the mystical overtones in this enchanting
place. In this wilderness, you'll feel peace far beyond any understanding.
Let the wilderness touch your spirit
OaioJI jD 3 jSiJj3
.dlijsci] ^LUl i3 j^a-o 6(3* dliA
.^iUaJI (j jaJJ
jJaS Jlo ^3PclJI .^LJI
^bjif JJ3C ij
t-Liojj JSLio gjCKMi dlijfc .dLnAj jSl
<g_jJJ tilf3J JU^i3 ijjli- Coij <dljJuJ JLqjJI dll . < al
^jlouoJI 0 ^IrZo
OJ Qo U i^jLouiiJI oJjb (3 13^^
j^ ^5" CJcLo jlj j-ifc < jl^XI IJiA
«4jjJI fiJufc (3 ._p-LuJI jlSLtl Ijjt) (3 inoalill OUaiib ^ix- ^Js. gr. «n7,.1
.4—0^9 libSLe U-o ^AXI ^^Lojj
Day 28
The mncible blessings of yonr parenfe
f ril
m ,
A true blessing one can have in their lifetime: the blessings
of one's parent's. If you have the blessings of your parents,
nothing can stop you from succeeding. If you have the blessings
of your parents, nothing can harm you until your last breath.
God made our parents the cause of our existence; they are
the source of incomparable love. We tend to disregard their
efforts, forgetting the period of our infancy and childhood.
While we are busy growing, we often forget that they are
growing as well. I want you to remember that nothing is as
important as your parents. Make yourself the reason for
their smiles and happiness. They are the eternal
coolness and warmth of our eyes.
OlS^J :4JLP- (3
j£~€ 1^1 4.qJ.PJ1 2Sjyi\
(Jiflotj ^9 /Lg-Lo-r.u Ms cliijjJIj CjIS^j dbjJ Co 15 lij .^jjJI^JI
U3bT 4I1I Jju> JlEJ .libLc- (j f3d
dbS^AO P^I M3 .^lotiil
M iw*otJI jJuao ^jb itJjJI 0jjb i_3
' ■ ■ ■■'
OjitS ij
JjkLstj (Jj ljLi>-l Jj-ff
ifii-o Jjjl .dJJ5 03J&i iS*^ <bjLo- j 35^3 jSj U-l-03
^3iLjt«ii3 ^^"al «i"|M Lxrt q-S .dbjJl3 Jia ^a c^t M jl j5JcS ji
.lluC^I el_9 JJI3 djJj^ll (jitoJI ibbj ajb
Day 29
you'll never understand a persons pain until you experience
the same pain yourself.
. JLJuj
* *
^w I
You can act like you understand someone else's pain, but
truly understanding it is impossible. To understand pain,
you must know it. You may tell a person that you understand
their pain, but in reality, you don't... What they are feeling is
beyond your understanding. Only they know what they are
going through. You can only try to console them; you can't
say you understand their pain. That will make them feel even
worse. You can say soothing words. These words, if chosen well,
will have tremendous power to ease their pain. You may have
to reflect on your own grief, your losses and disappointments, to
remember how you felt and what you were thinking at that moment
Your focus should only be on comforting the person, on easing
his or her suffering.
qSJ 3 «jp-l
dli!5 3 iJ>J*a33 jl
.|juu> di^su jl i_cco c^SlI ftOl (^J .J^f>"..<<1 t^o 3^ tLOxOoJI (3
... doftflj V Col
ij j53 <<1^1 ^aj dil U Laoti j_u?o Ji
ljup- j^S^ju jjJJI Jaii .liU^S jA Jool 3^1 4J j^ytAj Lo j^l
J3A3 jl jli^- jS33
jl dUl^ob .dj JSj* (i-jJI Lo
glfll5"MI dUSL^ .JoS U-0 I3—/I j3yg .to ^i«gCL..I IJ^9 .^Ll ^AJ dLil
Jjup- IajLsp-I jl .oUISJl ohh .da.>ilH3 djj^il CjU-ISUI jastxs
(j j^SLoill (Jj _>Ja*aj Jl9 .^1 ufl^Apu (3 dlSLk 639 j3^Au(
CuS" ^jS 3
jSjul iajLJI dJloT OLlo- 3 dljjLiO- 3
dfi>-lj ylc JaflS djSj3 j$£*aSji jl iw*po .dlaatill lilij 3 j%Jii
.djlilsw UuAffU^ ijajTutJI
-117Day 30
fW\ans are an extraordinary race.
Humans are extraordinary. Nothing can replace the human race.
Humans are limitless. They are meant to exceed their limits in
every way. They invented electricity, aircraft, technologies and
so much more. No kind of AI (Artificial Intelligence) can replace
a human. God created humans - the creators of heaven and earth.
God said, "We have indeed created humankind in the best of moulds."
So, never underestimate yourself. You're designed to go beyond your
limits. To challenge yourself every single moment... No human is born
different; we are all the same. The most common thing we share is a
heart that beats the same as everyone else's. We are all designed to
do something special, something we are destined to do.
Never limit yourself because the sky is not the limit;
the limit is beyond!
^ .(joilfr JfS" ^i-JI
I .c^ti J5 (j ^.4)^3J^»- l^jjlctlj ji ^l&lh" ..'Li
OJJJ?- dlLai
^} ijS~e V .jySo iiUi j^Sl 3 «OLl5*JI 3 cOl^UaJI 3
I3^ojzJ — jiJI "41)1" (JjL?- . jLuj^ll Jpco Jffo jl i^C-\jbjo)i\ cl^jJI ,^0 ^33
Jiflj il IJJ ".^4343
^3 6-"*$' 1*5^ " :Jbu 4lJl Jli .jpjyis cU-oJI
... -daoJ JS" lii.uj't ^JkPuZ)
j3lp«ld ^ajOA Cut .dL^ii jti
I (Ixa0O dJjfuius ^«<l§
. j33L»io U5 jjsei dilliioo jJ^j jLuj
<n a Llsaajt- J>PO .^APJI OKIES' JOUJ ^ jJI uJ-EII 3^
jS) IJiil dluOj JLOU y .dj ^LflJI Lt J Jlio Ci^i
!JL£>JI 33Leo
dcJI C»MUJ clftmJl
-121Day 31
I iwst fix what's wrong with rm.
It's not other people who must be fixed It's you. We can't
expect others to change themselves when we can't change
ourselves. First change what's within yourself. As I said before,
no one is flawless. Everyone has a flaw. However, not everyone
has the desire to change. You might think that you are a perfect
and flawless human being and that you have nothing to change in
yourself. You believe that the world must change. This egotistic
behaviour will be your downfall. You must fix what's wrong with
yourself. Consider the flaws that people point out Write them
down, find a solution. How can you change yourself for the
better? It's not the world that must change; it's you.
^ ^33^ jl UiSLff ij .Col Jj .^o-l^Lsj i_*f>o j-o 05^*^" i_>«J
ij Lo J£t ^31 .L-ulAll jruij jgtln"ml y IQJul£ ^^«lfl')T ^USJ
I* t> I A r>- i* i Uir»\!I ^ a
a 2 ^ ^3-0 JlP-JJ .IfijL, la LftSg ... Q\
i^jj (^u-J <dUi j-o ^i-jJI (jlc 3 .iuootiJI Llj3a£- L)JJ3 clki'^ll
C-Jdll 3 03AP ib Jlla jLo] dbl jiio Jl9 .jruslJI ij <L£j}\
jl com Xbzil jl wLOIxj Col .d a.) j ICm Jis3 jV ip-Lpo
.dmat j cUap-^ll
v_aoo .dLb^Q-.o »an j3^AA*i (3^^I ^3! mJI
VSaS" .l^J J3-b» ^looj J3LP- 3 * I ft; "*^1 .(ji/LJI l^Jj jryio I_7AJI cliap-^ll (jl _^Iajl
.Col Jj !j£*aJ jl v.apo (3iJI 3^ ^jlsJI (JauJ ^JaosSU dLaij j^axj dliSLtf
Day 32
Stop ptoc/ing with fire and. hoping -yon won't get burned
It's fun, isn't it? Playing with fire. We often play around with
a person's feelings, emotions or heart. We think it's ok;
it's fun, and no harm is done. "One day I'll stop." "It's ok,
they don't mind." "Let's not think about the future;
just live in the moment." You may say things like this to
yourself. However, you must realize that playing around
like this will harm you. It may not harm you in the moment,
but it will in the future. It's like a matchstick; it won't harm
you at the moment you light the fire, but the longer you hold
it, the greater your chances of getting burned. Don't play with
people's feelings. It's time to learn the importance of people's
feelings. It's time to extinguish the fire.
Day 33
Scweftvvgs weakness dcwlnafes rAe,
And I rmzrAber the words of nny God.
Mankind was created weak 'f.XS']
jl^^l (jL>-J)
We ail have weaknesses. I know you re exhausted.
You are feeling weak. That's ok. It's normal. God
mentioned this to us a long time ago. You must
accept that mankind was created weak. We can't
be strong all the time. You will feel weak in some
situations. Defeated. On your knees. Clenching
your hands and asking yourself, "Why am I so
weak?" It's ok. Sometimes we are weak. Take
time to accept your weakness. Don't deny it
However, keep in mind that while you are
allowed to feel weak, you're not allowed to
give in to your weakness. Stand up, keep
moving forward. Turn your
weakness into a strength.
dUt ■ flp-Ai Jslaj LjjJ t>
L>jjp-1 JiflS .^juJs ^ot 5^ .dlli ^ (^L if i_fleA)b
jLu))) 5j^3 J-i5 ji dU-z •Ji9^ 6*3 jLU.dJJu dlJI
.0S3JI JlgJa cb^sl 03^3 jl LuSL^ y 5{ .la..p^> i3L> JS
■ lajftia
:>'i...0i jL-jg lib JJ <L«ax3 j^su .liLjuSj jjlc Uilpi_flxA)) Ibl lilt"
IJub JSjJ il .iilijb>o JIfll) libsg a_oc9 .clnxo 65S0
liU .|M Uljj 4jl dljLltl ij iliUi ^03 .i_fl.9 v.«->ll
i'I O0.AI ^\i...? . .mi 11*11 . . * a^.AH. j^* *■ 11 *
.j»La^II Jl ^JiSlJl J jaZmiI$ ja^jl
.53-3 tilAstja tjja Jjufl
- 133Day 34
Don't searcfi for yair other half. XouVe not a half.
- 136-c^
Are you still searching for your other half?
Do you accept that you are a half?
Don't wait around for someone to enter your life and
complete you. Because you are not a half. Only you can
complete you. Only you have the ability to complete yourself.
When the time comes and the person you are searching for
enters your life, you can give to them without expecting
anything in return. You can be selfless, without expectations.
This is because love is about giving and receiving.
Two incomplete people can't complete one another.
vIapuj CJj ^1
5<_Q«-I'I SJ&vo liljl J^Olsu Jji
■ t'J-La^j jl J^-l (^-o djLoji to Laoci j.h'i'i ^
UiQft I**.\1 ^*1 ... rt I JUTj 1*1 ' C g* flft t **. \1q I ft I " . I 1*1 '.^l
.oijJI qtfcj UJL^5 A'i.i.flj JU5j SJJLAII dboJ
jSy 03^ <lJasu jl liUSLs .djLo- Jl <tlc Oloo ULb (^JJI tfipJuJI
ib 03^3 jlj i-oU^JI jc JjUi) jl liL^f .Jjliil j ^1
jSLcXI j>5 0^3 .eltic.3 J-cA jc OjLc- 3^
.<tj|ja ^LilSLo I Oft la JS jSo ^ j{ loft^yt jLaptJtf JaSo jl
ro A3J
y /
Do you feel chained? Chained by responsibilities. Chained by
promises. Chained to your environment Chained by your culture.
These are chains you can't see but that you can feel inside yourself.
What is chained? Is it your heart? Your mind? Or the entirety of you?
It's time to break free from these chains. At first, this will be difficult
Around you, things will fall apart, but inside you, things will come
together. The secret to happiness and success is freedom, and
true freedom lies in your mind. If you don't break free, you'll
always be chained. No one can break you free from your
chains. Only you can do that.
.dlkuctf jILo
JuIA 5 Julio dLjL jSL£3 Jjfc
.liLuflj Jp-b I4J jstJJ liUSJ^
JJJSU- y j^xUI 0JLOI .d.^ji a.2«
Jla j-o (jolptii) Os^JI jlo- fiillS" Col ^1 5dilp ?tibi3 3A Jji> fjuitl 5A Lo
(j-o cLuiyi jl^ij JlS .L-'g-o Ijji Qe^xMi <4j|ju)l (3 .^iJI
SJLjluJI jui .cLuiVI O jji ga"yj..i <dLLp-b
■ Ijulo Lffb (jfltuoi iJjffCj ^0 Ijj_9 j (3 (j-O^J duflulojl
JiO dljy?o jl jgii In" ii. j Ju>-1 y
.jJJS Jsz9 jg^kl.u.l JalS Col
Literally millions of people throughout the world
are broken inside - broken in heart and soul. These
broken ones wear a mask every day simply to carry
on with life. They are broken inside. Some are broken
into pieces and some are broken completely. However,
they are courageous enough to carry on, to not give up.
Sooner or later, rough times will pass. They won't last
forever. If you're one of the broken ones, know that
I am proud of you. You are the one who always tries
to fix others because you know how it feels to be
broken. Don't despair. Know that God is with you.
- ut-
jjjftlrjoa ^IjJI elotil
£ ^llll
^ftxQV) . Jj?-|jJI ij-a
q>Jb .oLuJI ij jl^ill
^43 cdlli .UU
^asus gks Jj ^Japus
^oiij l_9^a, .^-T 3I
.jlj^Xw^U ielotilL
cijij$*SX\ i>0 IJL^IJ CJS" lij .J^ll JI ^3Jj jJ ^43
Iffla Jjloo (^JJI ^/aptAJl Cuts .viL} J30e3 ^Icls
.juSJ\ j$xJi 3A ^5 LU LSJSJ *iliV
. dljto 4i)l jL) (Jj .^lu y
- 145Day 37
In the end. w& ask ourselves ... wh/ wasn't love enough?
- uv
t k ^ trd*'* ««a%A^*»* **
-••.'-•••tari^?; ^I^JLfTtlMASAaf'?!
When you give so much love to another person and its still
not enough to change them or make them love you
the same way, you finally ask yourself:
"Why wasn't my love enough?"
It was enough. And it is enough for the right person - but
not for the wrong person. For the wrong person, no amount
of love can be enough. You may give and give and give, but
nothing will change. You're Just draining all the love you have
in you. Know to whom you are giving too much of your love.
Is the person right or wrong for you? Don't wait until you're empty.
Your love is too precious to be wasted on the wrong person.
Instead, love yourself enough to let go and move on.
t—tfJI Iijfc Jljj V3 >^11
idLuii jLj ljrp-1
(jItrj LaJuC
v> 3! ^JbjuJu}
o^i f I^U,"
.tlaffJI (jiT^All 0^3 " ^-' «»'t*XI (j^rjr<7i 11 cSlS" 3^3 .LslS ijlS"
.LslS UxoJI ^0 Jjj tgl
jl O^-e itiaoJI tjaoJui]
JS cgji.'.nil iaflS Col .jJiIxmi e^gh ^ (jZJs
(_7]ajij J3
joikiJI 3A JA3 .do*(>l _>-la3l .dl^-ljb ^JJI i-osJI
ijlc-l d^£-Lt».o9 .Ifjls ^oOj (s7^' jh"*' y 5 dJJ <1 <«»itb lia3JI ^ I v*««l*4l
<L3 U dudj
(did qS- L93C .UaoJI jaouLlI ^Js- l^aLugu jl j-o
._>a1uU3 LoJl_9 ^5^3 ioJua]] 0 jji ^3laZl djliSJl
Day 38
ffow can a Kimwi hold srh power to break a heart?
\e. -
ajjlil oX*
Inside your chest, your ribcage protects your heart No physical
harm can be done to your heart, but still it can be broken.
Does a person have the power to break your heart without doing
any physical harm to it? The answer is yes. A person can use something
that, while it won't do physical harm, is strong enough to break a heart.
It is strong enough to do internal harm. Your tongue is a destructive
weapon. It may be the softest organ in the body, but powerful enough
to break someone's heart. Be mindful of the words you
say to another person.
i5^l tjSie y .liLJi 5jUixj
liLais ^ilol f$Sj <djd*3 Ji-b
lillltf Ja
jV Lajsca Jljj
ciiLifli o Jx>o jl
jj)b ijbJl >ibi3 juiS" ^ Ojdill to jaiki
tdUi ^Jopell La e^pi ^Ijjstl^ul ^/IPr <ti 11 jlSLob
4^ u 1553 «il^iJl llfls .2j±wjf- jlji3\
,>1 Ail •gpvo
$tt i'l'l -I .iLLi-b jl_pol v1)Ijl»-^I ijliSDl 4x9 (539 3 .dLls
If&i U 539 4lSJ <415 JuujmJI j ^*5^11 3-^*11 os£i ^ • >oJ-0
,^1 (j^"^ ■*■ 11 1^)30"i (^iJI OUKU I Jxg- 4*1519 .4 a >1-1003 Lo (jacti '—'19
Day 39
Jist like a single candle can light mny dher candles,
fay being kind you can inspire imy others.
We often forget to be kind. Because of the struggles
we face every day, we tend to treat others without
being kind towards them. Everyone is fighting his or
her own battles. You are, too. However, if you have an
opportunity to be kind in the midst of all your battles,
take it No matter how small it is, it can make a huge
difference in someone's life. Your kindness can inspire
someone who can no longer keep going. A single act of
kindness can inspire others. And your kindness could
become the reason people remember the kindness that
once dwelled inside them, too. It will remind them
to be human again.
Lr^' Cib^s-naJI ^cciiO .clflht
^ \jy5
quja 03^j jl OJ15 6dj^' LUbtlll JJ bj^S «^5J JS"
(liLIS ^3 .Liu) Cut .iolpJI 45jbM ji^oo ^lapJI .^jfclco
(tilSjlxA i_j^7'(a l3 Culj IflJaJ
jV ii£i_>9 vibjJ jlS IS|
oApo jl l^jlSLob ibjJtjO Cuts' Uftn .l^a^sSig iojAll OJjb JloL^ioLi j) djISLab o£*l lit alnt
SLo- |j Stibb 15^9
. jjjp^ll jl diSLff J-i;...) i-Q.l'il ij_pflj .jl^aluStl (jlc Ijila Jju ^
15JJI i_aiaJjl 05^^*i
JsotJ v^jJI i-xuJI
jl djl^ob liLokl
,^^>•1 0^0 jCj ^ Q'l J ^JlljSJuuul .Lul
j^uU ijt^
-157Day 40
%i can't undo the m/es yaj'w mde
but ya) can be cautious when you mix the next mue.
. 2JDI Sjiai-1 -UP jji-\ ci)j^\»
What has happened, happened. The choices you've made.
The mistakes you've made. The wrong paths you've taken.
It's all over. No matter how much you try, you can't undo
any of it. If you dwell on it, you will only sabotage yourself.
However, you can think twice before you make your next move.
Take your time before you choose anything before you make
a mistake. Think twice. Not Just twice, but thrice. Remember
the moves you made that you wish you could undo. Learn
from them and make the right move. Like in chess, to win
you must make a move. The ability to choose the right move
comes from knowledge, and knowledge comes
from learning which moves made you lose.
.l^uSJjl (jJI »Ua9^ll Oa5 ^lil OljUlfi^ll .iIjJlc Jl3 iliJn*- to
V cCJjlo- U4-0 .l^jtuxp.I^jJlouI ^iJI dibicdl OljLi-tl
jj jr^aiJI OjS^l jjj .L^io e^i
^o-ljfUl ^uS^e
O^iaoJI ely^-l J^S joys jg&LJI dliSLtf <dUi ^03 .JaAS t'imjij 0^00
.qO^o .La Uai>J^S .e^ji jUiP-l J*9 dllSj ju>- .iJllll
UbLu OA5 (^SJI OlSqs-till _>SJL) .Ol^o VJMJ qSLlj .quyj J-ioq q«J
JloJI 3^ U5 .40u0biaJI OjlaoJU ^§3 I3L0 ^1x3 .L^lt jp-IJUI (j CAJ£-J$
qLlff-l ijlx. Ojaill .La 53Ja3u jl dLlfr j3flj
4^xJ 3
^iau j-a (jb 4i^Jtll3 .isyttl q-a jb i&uSKjdl dS^oJI
.(JjLJI ^3 j «"fxj lilllstc- qjlJI (_yib CjIS^ctzJI
UIP lillll, $ ^ JJIU U
Why do you insist on doing things that harm your health?
You should take care of your health as health is true wealth.
You may not realize it but consider asking someone who is
struggling to take a few more breaths before their last ones.
Instead of being grateful, why do you take for granted what
God has given you? You are harming yourself when you buy
something with your own money and let it hurt you. Ironic, isn't it?
The pack even says that this will kill you. It's harmful to you.
Are you blind? How naive can you be? You can't even be cautious
when you see a sign. Take a moment and think it through
before you grab the slow poison again.
jl ? JlstKaj j£} (^plJI .LiVl JjiS l-^fr jvaJ liU>
dUS itljJJ il Ji .^iflifloJI 63^1 4pt«Jl dltffun; i_rUiu
^Loj^ll ^Lis J^U
La^A jLuj dlit Jaoo O^JJ
jjlsu lilt <L".fl.n 03^3 jl j^ La3fr
4 «ifli JaS iJLb^l
■*1 ■a'' 1SS3J Col ?41o ^3^ ja! 1^153 Ifiibl 4i)l dlxtla ^yJI blJaxJl
,djj£*.uJJ jla 4j| .dbi^j jl 4j ^a^J3 di^fli; llJu
ju»jLo 4i| .dlilfrj 1J3AU Ijjb jl J355
4jfr ?dUj5 (j*JI
dLSLff y ?49-ljuJI 0 j3Sb jl dbSU caaS ^t_7Afrl CJl Ja .dU
jl Ja5 |jui> 3^33 J-ol ilaoJ 13- .io^lfr ^5^3 LoJklfr ijisr \jlsf ijefii jl
.^^>■1 5yj c^htll ^aJI dUi t'J m g
- 165 Day 42
Explore the bmi/fy of mim.
Nature is the only place that will bring out the human in you.
You are a part of nature. Nature will make you realize how small
you and your problems are. God made nature, and he made it
for a reason. When you spend time in nature, you will reconcile
with your spirit. Contemplate the beauty of nature. All these buildings,
people busy with their smartphones, technologies, TV shows ...
a society built on fantasy. Do you feel drained yet? Don't you think
it's time to stop letting yourself be hypnotized into believing that
this is the only life available? Life is more than this. For a long time,
we haven't lived anything close to reality. Your spirit needs a break.
Explore nature. It is a necessity for you and your soul.
, c:
• £683:),
JUp- jj-o jl 4jK-ab i^jJI Ju^-^JI jl^tl ^ dxjJa}]
jiuo ^Juq iljJj liLLswo ^3-xi ixjJai] .istjJaJI ejp- Cuts .dLlc>-ljjrr>
t w i'T- I^ i ■. ..,I i^^ c43LnJttJI 4JJI
t'l A^ '
.jauJall JUi* J^b .lilfij gJLaij
tisuJail j OS^JI jasu
^ q iI^^j ijo-U ((jUiil 0j-fis JSOS5JI jlf 4j! JlAIxj ^ll ?Jiau
jxJJ Jik .JUpJI ^Ic gaisco
oUoJI ojjb jl» iliii-ML Lin iihli^io
tjlmflij ^UuuJI (j-c- i—As^iil
jjLsj ^ tdjj^la OjloJ
IJub fjjo JS] ^yk oLpJI ?4^-Lctl
.icf\j (J| ^llco lilp-jj .gSI^I ,3-0 LujS LuJu
.liLcjjJg dU Oj^jvb ly| ■djg.c.Jnil i_o■l'.<x7,.il
Day 43
yoore My indescribable happiness.
My everything. Your presence in my life makes me feel
beyond blessed. You are the reason for my huge smile.
Being around you gives my heart comfort. Being around
you makes me forget everything that exists in this world.
I am fortunate that we found each other in this life, and I
will be fortunate if we can find each other in the afterlife.
It's a privilege for me to love you and be loved by you. The
moment you entered my life, you made me happy. You made
me feel special in every way. Around you, I can always be the
real me - something I can never be around anyone else.
You are my indescribable happiness.
My one and only.
- wr-
(^ilxoo ijLf*- (J
-ij *>;"■'■ lb JS b
£j_e dU^i>.4*01^11]] ^,"aln>",)l o.i.oi Cul .Ja^laotiaj dljLo
IIa j
Lo JS" ^ol (^ylLsustj dL)^
.ic>-\j}\ j_7J5
3 iSLpJI ojjb ij
UiSl Ja^lagfco bi .^l*JI
djj .Sp-^ll (3 jimJI Lxanj (jU. bj^p lij dLlj5 Ua^hpoo j^SLu
ilaotill (3 c^ijlao jl 3 dLo-l jl ^
dbu .c^pi (J j^A-o (jaflti ^yljL
JloJ .|ju&u<
.>®-T jaoti J^o- djjS"! jl jSLf i) ^jj|
-bl- Ub j^l jl
.1^0033 il ^1 (JibtMi Oil
•BJup-^I 3
Day 44
Am T zm going to fee feeftor than this?
jTm 0 A-db ■ FTt, BI
You may often ask yourself this question. Some of you
have been doing so from a very young age, while others
are asking this of themselves as adults. No matter your age,
this intimidating question will come to your mind a lot in
your life. Figuring yourself out is a long journey. Some may
figure themselves out quickly, while others need time. Never
compare yourself to anyone else in this world. Everyone is
different and unique in their own way. Wherever you are right
now, that's exactly where you must be. Your time simply
hasn't come, but it will eventually. There are seven billion
people in this world and they can't all follow the same timeline.
We are not living in a fantasy. This is reality. So, don't despair
by asking yourself this question.
- Wl-
1 Jufc (jUff-Vl i^a j^S ij ^ "■fl' jLiiJ ^5
. jdJUlS" ^ ^... flit' ^—a'< 03^^I
.litiLp- i3 Ij4-^ liULo
Jl^uJI IJlA (j^S diijAC' ij£- jJal)! joxj
Uiu t4£jujj
jostJI i_AA^j j5 .ilj^k) dhfj i^Luflj oLioS"!
.^LsjJI I jjJ. (3 ^o-T oaoci
ojlflj 3) .Ci^JI ,J1 jasiJI ^beo
^ jJI jl5U,l 3^ .0^11 ^ ^
3 03JJ39
dUj4> .ijl^iJI i3 jLu. <uSJ 3 <CjL ^ iib33 .Ja^Alb 4^9
J3JLPJI ^yjJj glul Ut^AC- g3J*Jal»aJ 31 3 ^l*Jl IIa l3
lift, £jla ^0 ,3153 31 JjJ .gSli Ij^> .JLoJI (3 O^t5" ^
■ t'J .1101 ijk- JI^JI
Day 45
"Don't be a worrier, be ft warrior.
Worry doesnt do you any good. It only wastes your time
and mental energy. Worrying wont change the future.
Nor will it change the past, but it will surely affect the present.
It will exhaust you completely. All this worrying, wondering and
doubting is just an easy way to destroy your mental health.
You're a warrior. Warriors never back down from their battles.
They face their battles with brave hearts. You have the heart
of a warrior. So, don't worry; know that God is with you.
He won't let you fight your battles alone.
Take a deep breath and relax.
Everything will work out in your favor, ok?
^1511 .JaflS I'Ji.vll lilialis 3 liLaj ^«aj <^1
.JuSklb _pbloJI (jit JJ3-CU/ .^)UI jjaJ jJ 3
jdti jJ
d L <.13 iysoo ^/b dLiJI 3 JjLulil 3 ^1 I JlA iJS .IjjjJS- dLstlJ l33-"<
Ijbl (j3*i?-ljfo it j3Jjlo«il3 .1—Col .dliistJI killouo
liUiJ .ojlota i_J3 dbjJ .icloti <->3-^?
U5A?''5i .^Sjlsto lj£.liij&s) lilSjUtO OjlffO dU-JO jjJ .lilaLO dDI (jl ^Itl
.pjUul 3 LLuof Liftj Jo?fli tui> (lilpJLo (3 OS^i?"1
■ ihe fire in ycu.
Are you passionate about something in life?
How strong is your passion? Is it strong enough
to ignite the fire in you? If it isn't, you're not passionate
enough. Whatever you are doing or planning to do,
do it with passion. A pure energy to make things perfect.
Let your passion become your purpose - a purpose to strive
more. Let it be the fuel that pushes you further, that makes
you work hard on something you love. If you do something
without passion, you'll be wasting your time. Passion is like
energy, and this energy will unleash your hidden talents.
635 i^J-Q La ?oLpJI 0j-2j (j La e^i-J i_flv»i iiL jJ Jji
^a^l j£~) fa lij ?iiLLp-!jj jLJI JlstiJ*! djUSJI dA U (539 3^ Ja
jSl Jaiaoo 3I Jjtflj U^a
U 193*^ C<..».l CjU <dJiS"
.dJlla J3^ll J»><3 (jlll i-xiJI daUoJI dLij <Gj ■i-i.y-.t.j dlatsli c JaOj
liUaJj ^jJI ,5353)1
.^sl ^juJi iililt3 dajjfc ^-aj (iUii ^5
i^Axmi j35 (j-o
C»-a5 ISJ
(jLc 4j J-aaiJ iiU«?o 3 <Laj5
(jUsil (jlL."- dsliaJI 0^3 iiSUaJlS" (JawAll .(ill53
.jjLijJI ('J 1AI3X
-185Day 47
ya/re dealing with a wildcard.
Sji\j AJuaj ^
Oh, I'm sorry. Perhaps you've forgotten whom
you're dealing with.
Allow me to remind you.
I don't get played, I play along. I speak only about things
I want because most things aren't worth my time. I may not
say anything, but I can see everything. God gave me one tongue
and two eyes. Therefore, I choose to use my eyes more than my
tongue. I observe what's happening around me. I stay silent because
I know when to act I wait for the right time. If you're trying to fool
me, don't waste your time. While you were trying, I turned the tables.
You're only fooling yourself. Now you're looking at your cards and
thinking about which one to draw out to win, but you forgot that...
you're dealing with a wildcard.
Uj .t-o ..J bi <oT
(J I^OCA-ull
^1 cLJu^ll JatiS oJlouI Ij! .UasJ] 15JJI Ul .J, u*3th Jlo-I y
«lLu<S J39I Jl9 .(j—ualJI (^*93 ^f*"ti~\ il
pLJuyi ^JaiM LbJaji
.(j_xljj| Q-MjS- 3 IJif I3 IjLJ 4IJI (j-Spfia ^ 4J3J (^uo$i 3
cj3»- ti)JkOO La UxSljl .(jLJ ^a yS]
^IJl«1»kI Ojil>-l cdUJJ
jl J3lpt3 OlS" lij
033]I jlail .ijl}vaj| ^Le
.O^UaJI uJjj CcftS <J3I0CJ CmS U-^-;i> .dll33 g.1^") ill i^Pbuoj c^yS-Aoij
l^La Ju?-l3 i^l 3 tdblalkj JJ ^lai5 j^ll Col .Jafl3 ^i«tfl'i ^Juso Col
... dbl Cm«"'' dllSl! 3 cjjill jboo jl
.Ojili 4iUaj ^a J-oLsti)
Day 48
In the Midst of solitude, ycvll learn wore about yourself.
< ,0<"
To know who you really are. To explore what you want.
To find the answers you're seeking. Spending time alone
is healthy. Learn to find contentment in this solitude.
You'll learn to have faith in yourself more than faith
in others. In this moment, you'll learn to be wise.
In this moment, you will know your God. Your purpose.
In this moment, you'll find the peace you've been seeking.
Youll find strength in your own presence instead of
depending on the presence of others to give you strength.
You'll reflect on yourself. Contemplate. Solitude is
necessary for you to understand yourself better. Therefore,
never be afraid to be alone. Find the courage to be with
yourself more often. There's a reason why our beloved
prophet enjoyed solitude. Ponder this.
CibUAH yLc
.jap U
.\hf Cal pa LS^rj $
.Liffuoj IJl-jj* l^ol Jjlao dij-Off Ospl jORJ sLaS .l^Lc- vl*pu3 pdl
pop jl ^lwl»..i .ipzJI 0 jji (j 4 I^'iloJaJlj Lbpl jjlt jpxJI ^Isu
03^3 eip ^J-rT"..u .ilapcUl 6Ia (J .p>>Slb dliUI po jiSl I'i... a; t
0Jui (j
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.dJaoJJI OJub ij .Upb>^^3^-3 jj o^JI JjxZui .<Uc oict) Ulis ^jJI ^LJI ijUi Jjfdui (diastill
ij plij l33^j .5pJI
p3»5ll ^3^-3 (jlft iUlfr^tl pc L93& Oil
.J^ail JSbio liLiij ^iJ 4jj3j*3 iJjsJI .j-jtiJs Job3 .JS]
go 03^ iclst-UI pp
.iiJjLp-3 03^3 jl po IjjI i_aob il <«fUjJ
.ilpil) v_4i<i^JI L'olU 4a0co p|j3 k,»«111 dJI-L^S . jbc^ll po juS (j t'imA)
.1 jjh (3
- 193Day 49
Td rather rervwin a classic.
In an era of endless trends, remain a timeless classic.
Be a gentleman. This will never go out of fashion.
By "be a gentleman," I don't mean you should just open
the car door for your lady and then think you're a gentleman...;)
I'm talking about your overall behaviour. Some people consider
being a gentleman to be old-fashioned. However, to be whom you
want to be, you don't need anyone's validation. Stay classy. This will
never go out of style. Treat people with the utmost respect
Be chivalrous towards women. Be realistic. Be honest.
Be gallant. Be decent Be polite. Be noble.
It's time to assume the character of a gentleman.
- NV
4jl^i i) ^1 OIAIPJ^II ^ jyaf. j
il lil ."Slj ilp-j ^S" o .IjjI
a.iLuj J^-j ^
(i ...JxJ iJjfj .Vfl'ptl ciitiJuuiJ ojlLJI ob ^19 liLJ-t c-tpo djl
.itf Ji5
j3jjiu o-lUl jaiiJ .^l*JI lilS^Lu oJiool lil
ij-o (^Spuj ji dL-o ^llpo
idj^j jl Jay yi
jl <dUi 3
(jlc-l) yUl J^lc .1^7«oya
45li^)l OJok .L*Slj LLol ijS .Ijjl dlpofl
.UJ^a ^ .L»9l3 .cLJJI ga dlabu (3 U^i cS
.\-e^3 UJo) qS .Uleti jS .Silo .^Lji ^5
.JAAJI J^JI OIAOJ yLptzU 093)1 jlo-
Day 50
It's yew lucky da/. >bo nAet a lady.
^jj. AjJ,
"Not a girl. You have to meet sunshine mixed with a little hurricane."
Girls, it's time to act like a lady. When you act like a lady,
he'll act like a gentleman. Be classy. However, simply eating
in a luxurious restaurant or wearing an expensive dress
doesn't make you classy. To be classy is to be kind, respectful,
understanding, patient, confident and polite. You can't tell people
that you are a lady or have become a lady. Only your behaviour
will reveal this. Being a lady is a matter of choice. Respect yourself
enough to choose to be a lady over everything else.
Hey, pretty lady. You are gorgeous.
RS. May this bring a million-dollar smile to your face.
,j-o (Jilot
(jna <* H tlsJui Jjlij ijl
aimS flLtS tut]
qvS^alj qjctS .OIOLmS ij^alil OS3 jlo- .OLIAJI l^jt
.iJjlj ^jS"
(Jtt> (Jc>-^ JjloXL ij<5Ju-uxS"
jl y-li ^jitxo ij ^LniaJI dll^LlJ Jofli OJlOO IJlA 3
ciflJal ij^So jl olisM iiSlj
dJjl (joUl iSj^&o jl dliSL^ y .4jJL^o 3 injl3 <833^0 c4aftfl"a liajujus
.1 JlA jp nXi «ii j-O 3A lilS^ioi 0Jj>3 .OJbkut CaUuj^I (iljl 3! OJLutf
j^Laij dlistc^u I'J «. 0; I
dloljCo-l .4JJLXP-I ilL^o Ovilai >^3^
.^a-T ^l jx ^Jl 5 J—uw (33^3 jl
.tbulj Cul ^>5 .4.1
.JxapJI til^f3 ijs- jVs^ 03^0 4xL*i)l IJlA f*>jJ jl
-201Day 51
>biff complete attention will be tha'r greatet gift.
We have many entertainment options that distract us from our
priorities. Our priority is to give our complete attention to our family
members, parents, and friends. We tend to forget how important and
necessary this is. Notice your family members. Are they experiencing
something that requires your attention? Are your parents lonely?
Your friends whom you remember only when you want to have
fun ... do they need someone to talk to? Be attentive to your
surroundings. Attentive to your circle. Leave your smartphone
behind for a while. Close your laptop for a bit. Turn off your
TV for a day. Go to your loved ones, sit with them, talk to them.
Present yourself to them. Sometimes all someone wants is
your complete attention.
L^ij d-jjUl OljL^- ^>0 JJJlrII UjjJ
tiLp-t .USlaxol 3 USbl5 3 UiLjLc
J-ISUI LoU^I *\Lz\
JA .dllUlc al^i Jai>-y •d3j3j*> 3 l-JA <LAAI I^Juo jLwj Jl
I'ljIS. \ 1 ?0J_e»-3Jb '*1 '^*| jo »■ * ^^SbfcLbl ' ■ 1i I*. *■
tfiOLii j^o-Llco Ja ... jZo-o OS3 cLaS Jj_p qv£>- Jafli ^oAjSJuj (jj jJI
.OjlflJ LUIP- JjJI dojlA .liljyljJ
qS 5<Ism IJJJlpuI)
Qttlo-I. dljLei JJ i_aaSI 5It liljlflis easji .iLIs J3Ai?ttl liL^le
0Jjy La J5 < jLe^ll josu i_yi9 .^J iflmAi ^
iIjJloo 3 .^ftqa
.J^JISJI liloUlAl aA joouiJI
-205Day 52
idhaf goes around cornes around
Whatever you do, good or bad, always finds its way back to you.
Some call this "Karma." Before you do something, remember that
whatever it is, it will come back to you. If you do good, great will
come back to you. If you do bad, something worse will come back
to you. This will happen one way or another, not now but later.
In different ways, at a different time, maybe not in the present
but the future. Before you do anything, make sure you're
ready to face the consequences. Understand this.
<Ub liUj dJLjjio
4j^9 <LLl*U IJLL0- jlS" <4Ivfl! Lo jlS l_>l
<(jU 4jt jSjj (^T JjUU (jl (JiS io^SJl —) j^v.ll 4j.a<11 j Lo IJuh
Jasu O-oi IS] 5
JSJuJ dU aj)Wt«i9 <Ju9- J-ojgj CXA9 IS) .dUJ aj)^.«
3 ij'S'l
31 djljjlaj i>fJr^i m I j-Ci .c^uil ijS-dj dLJJ aj)g. m
3 _poloJI j Uj cuahfft* C*53 i3 c4flhpua
.05133111 4^i?-13! JjCLzua dljl ^ JiSb
(jl Jssflj jl Ji53 tiUjJ .J..Al«i.U
- 209 □
Day 53
fyery day m/ deMons try to break free
froM the prism in which Toe locked ttovv
^ j- ■^■
. At l^ij5^>-l
. Jj^-H
Everyone has inner demons. Some of us have allowed these
demons to overtake us. Others fight them every day. Some have
locked them deep inside a prison. They dwell inside us all Don't fear
your demons, but don't underestimate them either. They love provoking
you. Conquer your demons. Arrest them and imprison them for life.
Acknowledge that they will try to break free. Determine how they are
trying to escape. What is triggering them to escape from your prison?
Know these triggers; don't let them be the reason why your
demons break free from your prison.
Sb La jbjiJI
UIP-IJJ q^| ^ dlLufc
iXiAoLi, 3j?eip-l i/ixJI .LAJJ
>-^1 jojiJI ^ . .Ufll.
j^SJ 3 tdliJaLi {y> i_fl3o .Isaai?- Lij^oU ^4>
.diJsLJi ^l .dj\yzM>\ 03^0 ^
^ J15j 3^ VA^,..ol^JI
9 ^c,i&^1
OIA iJ^cl 5diocHi ^
Lo .03^'
, A.< ij.p.
.iiUpc«( ^ dUJaL-i 03jJl> (3
^3 'Hjipctl
Day 54
I wish I had more Hme...
a* ^ ^ oO ^
A human being s biggest regret.
Time is one of the most influential factors in a person's life.
One of mankind's biggest challenges has been measuring
time accurately. I am afraid that time is not eternal. It passes
quickly. It waits for nobody. You can barely keep up with it
Even when you try to schedule everything and make the most
of the time you have, it's still not enough. It keeps running.
It can't be stopped. It can't be bought. It can't be owned or kept.
Once lost, it can never return. Ask yourself, are you content with
where you are right now? Are you doing what you love? Are you
happy with yourself? Your time is running out. You must realize
the significance of time before it's too late.
. jLo)U
jS] qjo jX JLA) .
5UP- ij
J-olytJI j^Sl SsA 033JI
pq^l j)
.da-b oa^JI ^Ls ijjJLJi OUjlouJI
Jjlctj to Jilt t_3Ic>- .dJj iLS\y> jgiih'.ii't
.Ijip-I jh'ij ^ .IhJj—j
Ij-fij Jiaj <dbjJ ^lltl OS3JI {ya Sjliluil j^aSl
c^ji JS iljJpo^e il .03Ijii 0S-6 V .4iia»l ^S~e if .jiSyi J Os^JI
.^IS" jsjLl .IjJjsoo 43 jig" «il blSU V <0 J 0 Q1 to Jutj . 4j Jslolp-^ll ^1c>"
^iwApo Lo J-p-fl-i Jji ?j^tl 4uS Col i^JJI jlSLlb jblj Col J^i >dl..,.fl>
Juaj^I dJjJj jl v_upo .JlOI) dLa^ ?dLuijj Jlolui Col Jji
•jl^Vl Ol^ JaS OS^JI
Day 55
uJhen yoo look in the rWrror, you'll see your personalit/
Instead of your appearance. (Jill you still fee beaufiful?
lilM Pxi
- 219-
Will you?
Is your personality beautiful, just like your appearance?
Will looking at your personality make you proud?
Your personality - not your appearance - defines you.
If you have a horrid personality, no amount of products
will ever make you beautiful. A person's true beauty lies in
his or her personality. While the beauty of your appearance
may attract the eyes of many, the beauty of your personality
will capture the hearts of many. Your personality is who you
are and who you will be for the rest of your life. Your
appearance isn't ageless, but your personality is.
ijl-o LoU .d-Lo-T"
?lj5P«i iili*oo dlluaoci jJ| ^Jaill Jjb
iufipci dbjJ jl5 lij .dliJiPU (^uJj - liiluiaoti
.|J0| iljAIf lilijlClO jl JjlAOtJI Cjl«Iio j-o (LaS (^1 h? ■■■I l>ls
X^uj£iOtMi/ASxiflixJL (j O-0^
jfiwAll JU^ ol
lillo^apci JU»- jl ill
j5 d^laa JU^- jl
.dLsLp- 4.5.!
ijA$ Col QA tiiluaPfcA -fi 6)3^ Ld^ai
.^3JlJLu ^i\ ^lluflwA ^>^3 «l^li QAji ill^ta^
r'M i
Unconditional love. A compassionate kind of love.
A selfless love. The kind that lets you be free. The kind that
places a glow of happiness on your face. The kind that
makes you whole when you are broken into pieces. The
kind that nurtures you. The kind that shines in dark times.
The kind that is a great calm in the storm. The kind that
lifts you. The kind that makes you feel alive. The kind
that gives you strength. The kind you trust the most
The kind that makes all other kinds of love irrelevant.
The kind that makes you feel as though the world
doesn't matter. A love so pure, it can be called
an angel's love.
Do you have such kind of love in your life?
jS- i^xo- $6)
i_a£>c]| .dl^!>3 i^Js. 5^1 v... 11 2^9 i5iJI i^ctll .ibjffJ]
^5HI ^5lll
e^oJI .db jsu i^JJI i_xc>JI .c^Lil Jl UJar>co tj^3 ^Lol5 dUxpo (5JJI
U*pJI .iflj^lxJI bUj! ^JastJI
yb .icJUl OlijVl (3
C^pJI .SLpJI JuS (jlfi. dbl jg-til dLLxpcj JJI iwxpJI .LJlt dJJiP-L i^JJl
i-ipJI .jffJ B^ (^1 tja J6] 4J ^3-S •—*PJI .S^SJI dltstltf ^JJI
■I^kHX*.; l^J ALa y ^^P-Sll UAPJI ^lyl
Jxpo 15JJI
Jlxj ^ Oj_uiL ^IxJI jl 5J US jxJLj dlixoo ^JJI ^>iJI
icLLaJlj cliJI 4_jU- 3 v^""
.^iUI c^pJI
jl dblSU^j
TdbLc- j v_*PJI jx ^5*^1 IJi-o dbjJ Jji
Day 57
I don't want to know tow they died...
I want to know how they l/wed.
When we hear that someone passed away, the first
question we ask is "How did they die?" However,
I'd rather know how they lived than how they died.
Keep in mind that every single human being will
eventually depart from this world. We can't escape
death. It's inevitable. So, rather than learning about
how a person died, learn about how he or she lived.
How his or her presence mattered. Ask about others'
blissful moments with the person who passed away.
Ask others to reminisce about the beautiful parts,
the unforgettable times. Forbid yourself from asking
about how the person died. Rather, ask about how
he or she lived.
ijl ^o.«i'> LsJu£jl Jj^at lil < Jl»- (jlc "^I^L
3A 4jL«j
dljLitl (j ftsb .I3JL0 L-Q A j^Sl l^iLc ^ o^c!
.^UJI Ijjk jilij
uSlia-ll djl^j (j jLo] JS" jl
ijA iljj <1 jj .<1Lq _^a ^1 .O34I j^e 03^)1 luSU; M
.CJuU- 5! (jilt ' oX «_9)Pl <lo Jtajsti Cite Ufl^ dS^aw
OUaocUl jLl .l«4«
3! OJ^jop- jlS UbS
ijA l—JJsl .33^X1 |jni»«tlll liUi ^0
il (jlJI CibjSjJI «4LapJI Ol33^ll l3j5jbZ«J jl jJ_p^ll
.(jnijtAII O34 daj£ JI^JI <fl.niA) ^Lol
. julf ^_Q»S" jLl <iiUd jt L03P
-229Day 58
Life will alwa/s be a series of arrivals and deparivres.
- rr*OA ^
ALA-x Usb obi-l o^--"
People come and go. Life is a series of welcomes
and farewells. Some are unexpected arrivals, while
others are unexpected departures. Only God knows
who should stay in your life and who shouldn't. There's
always a genuine reason behind these arrivals and
departures. It's a reason we won't know at the time,
but eventually we will understand why these people
arrived and why they left Perhaps God wanted to
teach you a lesson that only another person could
provide. And this is why the person arrived in your
life and left after teaching you a lesson you needed
to learn. Acknowledge that not everyone who arrives
in your life is meant to stay forever. When that person's
part is finished, you must say goodbye.
It's time for their departure.
j-o dl OLpJI •05^)^3 03^4
ij i£S$la jjt ^0303 03^J oJJlS^I josu -£^3%
6^3 <dj| .^S^Xa js.
03^ >>511 joatJI jl iju?Ub lilliA
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jj c-u-x 431 •
jjji^l c^3JJ> elJ3 t.yiiSi?- Va^k
Jl jol&^ll eV^k
4J1^A)I 3 j^3 j^ll 43^*3
dUi 0JL9-3 LLji dULu jl 4UI dljl Uj .^jjiLio u<,..i.i3 UjLpJi jaoiJ: J3^)3 I-IA-OI 3A I^3 .dU 4^JJJ 43l^ob japt-lJI
j) (Jlflj .4a1su (JJ ^Ia0O Liji dlolw jl Asu I4SJ33 dbLr^
(_^uJ LaJusS .JjSU cLflJI 4) jJlLq dbLo- (J| JjA) j-o JS"
.lftb3 J3A3 jl v-a«j .(joot^UI dLIS 335
CxS^Jl jl»-
- m-
,.«g;" . ""'■v.
.•^•if. %,
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; -..V#mV
...... i
The ultimate peace. Where we won't hear the cries of children.
Where we won't see bloodshed on the streets. Wh?re homes
won't be destroyed. Where people won't fear rockets pouring
down on them when they say goodnight to the sky. Where the
surroundings are healthy rather than harmful, such that a human
can't even breathe. Where people won't wish for a peaceful
death over a peaceful life. If mankind can attain ultimate peace
amongst itself, we can make a difference. If we unite, we have
the power within ourselves. What a wonderful
place this earth would be.
For the sake of humanity.
For coming generations.
For the future.
For now.
^ iSja <■■.«> ISi (5^3
sKJ g.a.u.'i ^ dxjos- .(JI^lII ^iLJI
fjA ^uUJI olio
.JjUXI ^oJ3 JIAXO4 ftxl hi lib 4 In.PtXI 4lJI i^of> .glo in 11 O-Xxjtxu 4 l.j
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lj ^Ul OPjJ (jj vlkpjLo^ll gjKcmJ ^ li^OO 5jLb CcaJg
(jjo j^i-JI lij .(>^Lo (jtuxJI
.15^9 iliJkOU jl LiSU] <^Lu Uo ^^LJI ols-ji
.UIp-Ijlj o^nJI I'i.hoi ..i <bJhoul ISJ
.bulj bl^o (jbjSlI oijfc
.ioLuJ^II Jj^i (jx
.ioilSJl JLff-SU
Day 60
Let go of what yoo shouldn't keep.
- m-
J U iljj
- 239-
Let go of people who don't belong in your life. Let go of
people who put you down. Let go of the things "you can't
control. Let go of compromises. Let go of expectations.
Let go of pessimism. Let go of negative thoughts. Let go
of what weighs you down. Sometimes you must accept
it This may be something you don't want to happen or
to hold on to. You'll find strength in letting go of what
you shouldn't keep. You must learn to let go of something
instead of hanging on to it. This will be the hardest decision
you will ever face, but it will be the greatest decision of
your life. Do it for your own peaceIt's time to let go.
^Ul tiiji] .dljLr»- (Jj ijyxLij il ^jjJI jjolocuoll lilpl
• L^j
dUSLf y PLUUS'I Sy \ .jljoT.-ib dli^hiPU
jis^yi dpi .^Lidl dpi .01*331)1 dp?! .0V3U1II dpsl
jt dpp iwiOU jLff-SlI (puu (j .dlSij Lo J5 dpi .4.U.I.JI
.4j i.'J.4u.o.7JI 3I 4j3JlC" (3 l—^-p ^1 l*» "i I jjh 03^ -^3 .dJS J-iflS
jl 1_4I30 .4j Jilais^yi d.l& <—uso lo d_p (3 030)I SoCLm d^)3
jlpj <p«o1 I jjh 0^~t d«iio"H (po ^1 Jj Lo dp ^01 v""
.libLp- j jlp ^oJatt ij3^-u4i <4 ^f>l3~ hi
,..joloJI iilo^Lai Jj>-i ^po dJi J*sl
.^lociL) Ospl ijlo-
-241 Day 61
They're black and white yet sound so colorful.
It's a complex instrument but when it plays, you can
imagine the story that accompanies it. When you hear
the tunes, the melody captivates you. It's a harmonious
melody that takes you to a different dimension. White keys
can be happiness, and black keys can be sadness. However,
when they are played together, they create something so
colorful. By playing only the white keys, or only the black
keys, you can't make something that sounds euphonious.
You must play the keys together. So, when your life is black
and white, try to find contentment.
4^211 J-LOtj liliSLff ckji)x3 LoJuC'
OAiata obi l^i
JJ iiJjL»-b dAOt^iLa C)Uii 4jJ
ga '""i Cf"
jl i^-£ sLaj-JI
.<Lfll2oua ibol
LoJJlC- dJuk ^frjj .IajjIsu ol o^€ "l^^l
■ Una fl .A. .tl ^jlAil (jlc ^SjjzJL) .JUjsJI SjIc ^ Ij^Lo LuUL
. I^js- gii^l
<Ja53 •b>«JI
icLixJj el^3^> dbLi> 03^-* LOJLLP <IJJ .Ulo
.L0JI3 4cllill (jlfr 331*11 J3lf
It doesn't happen overnight Step by step. You will keep growing.
Keep working. Keep trying. Keep struggling. Keep the process going.
Don't surrender yourself so easily. Don't wish to see results the next
day. Seeing the results of your growth takes time and patience. Your
courage. Your hard work. Your late nights. Your dreams. Your efforts.
Your struggles. Your will to not give up. God witnesses these things,
even if no one else does. This should be reason enough to never give
up. He'll lift you, let you shine at the right time. Whatever you're
working on, whether it's your future, your dreams,
your vision, yourself...
Work on it every day.
.5AiJl (3
.LiIiLjo^j iLJ qo O-UtJ 4jJ
4*U*II (3^1 .^-IflSJI ^ qAiull .iljlotil l3
. JajJI ij ja1mi\
^3^1 jvlllil 4j3j ^93^) ^
^ <" 011 ^JLal ■■■J il .ijAlwua
kdlAC .dllploci .Ijw33 ^Ij^k 1293 Oqil-uJ ^3^ gSUS 4J3J .JllJI
(»Ac ijlc idljlqvaj .vilfliS .^3^0 .iiLa^L»-l .5j3-lltl dUU .ijLiJI
.Jj>1 dJJi J*ij ^ 0J3 <cLi^l oJjsj (jlc Jl^Aj dJI
^JLXJ llalS Luo 03^ ot O-ctJ I jul>3
Jasj la bl .!_■ ...LU O93JI ij jgk...j dl33«9 JX0U3 cdx9qj3
...dL.aj idlljJj cdoblfl «dli5" ma jl5 cddt
.A3J JS" <ui£. JACI
Day 63
It Might be sferMy right now
M- yw'll coMe oof of if like a flash of lightning.
Life cannot always be sunshine and rainbows. You must accept
storms as well. These storms will come, and when they do,
you will fed them raging. The gusts will be threatening.
Let the winds come and let them rage. Stand tall. I know
your life is dark and cloudy right now. Know that your time
to strike is very near. You will strike out of it like thunder and
lightning. And, just like any kind of weather, these storms won't
last forever. After they're gone, youll see dear
skies with rays of sunshine once again.
1^*00 ij .^39 o*3*3
03^3 o' O^i ^ SLpJI
;illpto y i_fljol3*JI oJufc jb
.Lajl l^jI33sJI JISj dLle
.SiJ^a ijcfilMi LA-ol^sJl oXos
jsciuM <ijb tj^3
liljLo- ji ^itl Ljl .loboli i_a9
k_*^j ^bpl
Jjj?*^3 ol jt lilJt
.j3ll ifflij
.j3jJI3 JlC-^JI Jio <tLo ^r>o
iiiUa JS" i—iAJij jl .Jlj^II Jl
oIa jjs
.^s^l 5_^o A«.>tun (jn o A ijLo cLo_u/ i^JJUu
-253bay 64
Svifcrace yw darkness.
You're beginning to understand, aren't you?
To let in the light, you must embrace your darkness. Your flaws,
your mistakes, the wrong decisions you've made. They all he
within this darkness, the darkness you're afraid to embrace.
Everyone has darkness within them. Some have it in their
minds, some have it in their hearts and some have it in their
souls. Know your darkness; understand and accept it. Even
when you feel that darkness surrounds you, never be afraid
of it. Make peace with it Your darkness is the best way to get
to know yourself. In time, you will discover that embracing
your darkness is the only way to let in the light.
The only way.
5dUJ5 ouj] c^^QII j C>1JJ J-OJ
.lilo^lli jlolp-l dLlc cJ^jJb e^Al)
«^^UaJI IJlUj (3 (j-oSo 1^15 .L^jJjiol 1_7l)l dibloJI Ciljl
(jiusJI .«ti3-b j 4jjJ jaoti JS .4jLa2i>-l ^uoo
fiibuJla iJ^cl
gl-nal JJ .41a ufloo V tilUaxeu ^MiaJI jL jvJ,~I loJut t_7l£>I^AQ^I
lUuollil Cti^l (j .dL*Aj (jU LSyzdJ
J-asI dLMia .djto ^^LJI
. Jya-jJb cysil I
Jup-^JI Jiiiimll dlo^Ua (jboZ^I jl i_fl .ti'^" m
-257Day 65
Left ivy fingerprints on your heart.
We have come to the finale of this part
Tell me, did you like my world? Was it wonderful?
' The time we spent together. The conversations we had iij. the morning,
afternoon, night... and sometimes late at night. Just you and me. By the way,
you are a good listener. Rarely do I find someone who loves to listen to what
I have to say. Usually, people listen only so they can reply, not so they can
understand. You're different... that's why I didn't hesitate to show you
my world. I hope it touched your heart and soul.
Well, it's time for me to leave. I know you want me to stay a little longer
but don't worry. I will be back. We will sit again in this starry night
and converse once again. I promise to stay a little longer next time.
Until we meet again.
.cjpJI IJub
b-Loj JlSJ *
5l3ij|j jlS" Ja 5^1 It (iLpttl Jjfc
* tSjr^laJI JJU <^LoJI (j
Cjljiladl .ISM oLuaS 15JJI OS3JI
CjI i4i hiLl^Ij .Col 3 lj| JaflS .i_b-UI I^ya jo\lA C1S3 (3
••• elm U
^Ul g.o.l.MJ <00It .4J3S JjjI Lo J|
jl i_ojo LasCv Jjt-I to IjOlj .JU910^)3 ,,, Ltllst-o Col I jjjo
l>«J3 <0jJI ^yA l^iSbao
.iil£>-3j3 dLb ijuj£i JlS 03^ ijl (J-®^ .(jfilt dLIt (jOjtl (])! (3 OOipl ^ '-■; «JI
.^li5 il J^bl OjRflJ iLis jl tjJJjJ tibl ^itl .jjolii 033)! jlc Jii) cLOi*■ISjzA S^a CJJj3tli3 ^30ujb ^xoi^l 4JLJJI oJub ij
.ioilaJI o^l j J34'' 0j\aJ cUJb tl)>Atl ^
.lojuxo (jSib jl JJ
(jLuLaxJl ^
^*>^1 ia^.3 ^
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