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Advantages and disadvantages of money
The advantages and disadvantages of money
Everybody knows the value of money. Nothing is more powerful than money.
In fact, if we have no money, we cannot buy goods, clothes and other necessaries
we need. Without money, we cannot go to the movies, theaters or other
amusements places.
How can we spend our free time pleasantly on rainy evenings without a color
television in front of us? Music from a new hi-fi can relax us quickly after a hard
day of work. But how can we satisfy our needs, our desires and
our pleasures when we cannot afford to buy them?
Thanks to money we can improve our spiritual activities easily. We can go to any
schools, any universities we like to further our knowledge. If our parents are
wealthy and powerful we may be sent abroad to study. Moreover, we can enjoy
pure happiness by contributing our money to Charity funds to help the poor, the
wretched and the victims of other disasters.
But money not only brings us the good but the bad as well. This accounts for
much of the wickedness in the world. The rich often depend on it to oppress the
poor and millionaires sometimes treat their servants with great cruelty. Many
young people, being purse proud of their parent’s wealth and richness, neglect
their school activities, always play truant and indulge themselves in alcohol,
gambling and debaucheries. They often commit suicide after playing ducks and
drakes with all their parents’ fortune. Money, in this way, is the root of all evils.
To sum up, happiness does not depend on the quantity of money but on the way
how we use it. We should use our money properly. The right use of money may
bring us a comfortable life and a cheerful heart.
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